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The story bridge by nicola marini

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of The story bridge by nicola marini

The beginning of the bridge
The story bridge was decided to be built on July 1935 and to be opened on July 6th 1940. This bridge is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. John Bradfield was the designer and contributed to the construction of the bridge as well as migrants. John Bradfield got the similar idea from the Jaques Cartier bridge in Montreal. The changes from "no bridge" to "a bridge" included much better traffic flow. Instead of using the CBD you could get from Fortitude valley to Kangaroo point and became an iconic part of Brisbane.
This event changed how Australians live by having migrants come over to create more jobs and boost the cities moral. The story bridge changed the every day lives of Australians because there was another bridge to control congested traffic and changed the world because the migrants that contributed stayed to live in Australia which could change families because of new culture.
Moving on
This event changed how Australians thought about themselves by having such an iconic Brisbane emblem and can also change them by having more traffic lanes, this also adds another way to go across the river with out using the CBD(Central Business District). This bridge effects Australians today because it connects the "North" side to the "South" side which is important that people can get around.
By the end
The bridge affected how Australia developed a nation by increasing job and career opportinities.The story bridge caused ever lasting changes to Brisbane because approximately 97000 cars cross the story bridge each day X that by 365 = 35405000 cars cross the story bridge each year.
The bridge
The story bridge is important in Australian history because its a heritage(something that cannot be knocked down because of special importance) listed icon that represents Brisbane. The bridge involved migrants to move to Brisbane and get paid to help construct the bridge and later increased Brisbane's population.
The story bridge
By Nicola Marini
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