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Taylor's Scrapbook

No description

Taylor Mueller

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Taylor's Scrapbook

Blake Lively is looked at as one of the best looking blondes the world knows about.
Sometimes it may feel like if you don't look like Blake Lively you aren't pretty enough to be a blonde. Society thinks that if you don't look like her you could "obviously" be doing better. Society makes us feel bad about we look by saying things like that and only allowing "pretty people" to be famous. Things that people like Blake might do people might think its okay because she does it.
Self Image - Society
Bubbles for a bubbly personality
Most people would describe me as bubbly, a good listener, and a caring friend. A positive person to be around. I like to think of myself as a good listen and a funny person. I am always smiling and trying to be happy so that I can hopefully make someone else happy. The light bulb is to show positive vibes and the smiling girl is an example of me.
Self Image - Self
Photographer shares a story with this photo saying everyone should stop and remember to love one another.
I believe in the power of smile and good deeds. I believe that everyone makes mistakes but if you strive to always become a better person that you can always be the person you want to be. Don't forget to love one another. Loving each other is the most powerful thing we as humans can do for one another. We need to learn
how to encourage each
other more because
we are always putting
each other down.
Philosophy - Continued
iPhone 5C
I think that technology is a necessity but there is a point where we need to put it away and focus on what we are doing in the moment. Technology is so distracting but it can be so helpful for so many things at the same time. I like to think that I am fairly tech-savvy and I also know that I need to be better about when to put technology away. People need to learn better values about how and when to use technology.
Taylor's Scrapbook
By: Taylor Mueller
Johnson 5th Hour

This is a picture of a mother and her daughter bonding.
My mom has been the most influential person in my life and she has helped me grow into the person I am today and I am always trying to improve to be more like her someday.
Dear mom, you showed me what it meant to be a strong person and take care of other people. I only wish I could be more like you as I continue to become more of an adult. You have always known what to say when i'm in a situation. You have so much helpful knowledge and I hope you can share all of it with me at some point so I can teach my kids everything that you taught me and I can always strive to be a better person because of the things you taught me. Thanks Mom
This picture to me shows how someone is fighting to be the best they can be by trying to get to the top and that is what I strive for.
The reason that I believe that everyone is here, we are all supposed to help each other and teach each other how to be better people or who we don't want to be by some people being bad examples and other people wanting to strive to be just like someone else because of the things they do on a daily basis. We are all supposed to learn from each other and that is why we are all here.
This video is all about appreciating technology and what it can do for us.
This poem talks about why moms are a blessing to have in our lives everyday.
This shows freedom from past things that could be affecting me.
This shows a smiling girl which I am described to be.
+ Signs for a positive attitude.
This Carrie Underwood another beautiful well-known blonde.
Taylor Swift, beautiful, young, blonde.
The song I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston is a perfect example of how we should always love each other.
To me this photo shows that the beauty of the world is in the eye of the beholder.
There's a bible quote "Romans 5:8 that says "I loved you at your darkest." This is a perfect example of how people who truly love you will always love you.
Miley Cyrus's song when I look at you shows how you can look to people for inspiration and help.
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