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Temperance Movement

No description

Sara Naiser

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Temperance Movement

Characteristics of the Temperance Movement
Temperance Movement
How the Temperance Movement lead to Social Changes
The social changes were men were more involve with their families. The men provided for their families instead of going out and drinking and wasting money.
The goals of the Temperance movement were, to get men to stop wasting money on alcohol and earn money for the family. The women were starting to work and the men had more money to spend and started using their money at bars. The men became addicted to alcohol and got their families into poverty.
key people
Frances Willard- founder of the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union
Carrie Nation-Nation, who described herself as "a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what he doesn't like," felt divinely ordained to forcefully promote temperance.
Wayne Wheeler- founder of the anti-saloon movement
Events of the Temperance Movement
*1st Jan, 1830- Temperance Movements begin to publicly support the abstinence from alcohol
*1st Jan, 1851- The first prohibition law is passed in Maine.
*1st Jan, 1855- 13 states have made prohibition legislation.
*1st Jan, 1869- The National Prohibition Party is founded.
*1st Jan, 1893- The Anti-Saloon League is formed.
*18th Dec, 1917- The US Senate passes the Volstead Act on December 18th which is one of the significant steps to the passage of the 18th amendment.
*28th Oct, 1918- On October 28th the Volstead Act passes the US Congress and establishes the enforcement of prohibition.
*29th Jan, 1919- On January 29th, the 18th amendment is ratified by 36 states and goes into effect on the federal level.
Over consumption of alcohol (mainly by men) wreaked havoc on many families across America.
Drinking too much was seen as deadly of a sin as slavery.
When people took the pledge to never drink, they joined the "cold water army".
Economic effects of the Temperance Movement
The economic effects were that pubs had to close down and owners had to get a new job. Also brewers not only brewers in America lost money, but brewers all over the world did too. Another effect is that families had more money because the men did not waist the families money and go to work.
Political effects of the
Temperance Movement
The political effects was that the temperance movements started all kinds of political campaigns about the prohibition of alcohol.
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