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Rwandan Genocide

Summarize the Rwandan Genocide-Who,what,when,where,why, effect for Rwanda and for the World

Gaby Rivera

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Rwandan Genocide

Rwandan Genocide By:Gaby Rivera Where? Rwanda is a country in Africa What? Genocide- intent to destroy a
national, racial, or
religious group Extermination of Tutsis and
any non-militia Hutus The goal of the militia was
to gain power and exterminate Interhamwe used machetes to kill
(slow and painful death) Anybody who helped the
Tutsis were also killed Propaganda was used on the radio
hate speech) so everybody would
urn against the Tutsis It was a genocide because the Interhamwe
went around killing an ethnic group Tutsis and non-militia
Hutus were dehumanized 80,000 Hutus died 800,000 Tutsis died Who? Interhamwe ( Militia of Hutus) Tutsis and any
on-militia Hutus Tutsis and Hutus were enemies They speak the same language The groups are based on the size
of the nose and color of eyes Tutsis were generally
taller than the others When? The genocide started when
Tutsis were blamed for firing down the president's plane who was a Hutu Started April 1994 Ended in July of 1994 Lasted 100 days Why? Tutsis were put into position of authority They were put into that position because they were thought out to be the superior group based on their skin color which was lighter Hutus felt as if they should be in charge since they were the majority and made up 90% of Rwanda Effect for Rwanda and for the World? Many people died in Rwanda Genocide survivors lost many family and were scattered People had to deal with disfigurements and losses of limbs People wished they could have helped People were mad at America because they did not help The RPF eventually won the war which ended the genocide The Rwandan Genocide
Who,What, When, Where, Why,
Effect for Rwanda and for the World
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