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Texting and Talking on the phone in Costa Rica

Español 1 NCVPS Unidad 1: Lección 2

April DeBord

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Texting and Talking on the phone in Costa Rica

¿Usa mucho
su teléfono
How much do you use your cellphone? Here in the United States you may have a Go phone that takes minutes or you may be part of a company like Verizon or AT&T... In Costa Rica cellphones are regulated by a part of the government called Grupo ICE here are some popular brands in
Costa Rica... btw, u might lol but just a few
yrs ago this msg would have
looked relatively omg to most

imho, things have really changed a lot. tyvm for reading!
Because / why? Porque / por qué? pq / pq? OR xq / xq?
For Por x
LOL (sound of laughter) jajaja / jejeje / jijiji
Kisses Besos / besitos muak / muac / bs / besi2 / bx
Please Por favor porfi / porfis
Good evening Buenas noches bnx
What’s up? ¿Qué tal? ktal
Thanks Gracias grax

Bye Chau xau

Read more at http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/global-netspeak-20-words-and-phrases-to-get-started-texting-in-spanish/#BaiTpJ3xCx5B9RmD.99 Netspeak and Text talk in Spanish: The Basics
English /Spanish /Netspeak http://www.collinsdictionary.com/words-and-language/learning-languages/learning-spanish/texting-in-spanish-txt-me-l8r-m1ml,28,HCB.html Other websites to help you find information about texting in Spanish speaking countries.... http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/global-netspeak-20-words-and-phrases-to-get-started-texting-in-spanish/ http://languageandhumor.com/blog/2007/07/spanish-texting-im-abbreviations/ TEXTING and
TALKING on the
PHONE in Costa Rica Unidad 1, Lección 2 ¡Alo! Ways to answer the phone in different Spanish-speaking countries.... Costa Rica México ¡Bueno! España ¡Diga!
¡Dígame! Some things to think about...

See if you can find how they say hello on the phone in other Spanish Speaking countries. :)

What are your favorite texting abbreviations? What would they be in Spanish?

How can you include Spanish texting in your daily communication? All images used are images licensed for
creative commons use through
Google Image and Prezi and each is tagged with the website it was retrieved from. ¡Gracias!
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