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Melting Ice cream

No description

Megan Chock

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Melting Ice cream

Melting Ice cream
Background info
What is ice creams melting point?
What makes ice cream melt?
What type of ice cream melts faster?
My hypothesis
I think the type of container does affect ice creams melting time. If the container is strong it will melt slower. If the container is weaker it will melt faster.
By Megan Chock
Does the type of
container affect Ice creams melting time?
Materials and Procedures
Independent- Different containers
Dependent- Ice cream melting time
Control- Same brand, amount, temp,place
Conclusion and results
The results of my experiment did not support my hypothesis because the styrofoam bowl kept the warm air away from the ice cream longer. A observation I found while conducting my experiment was that people should use styrofoam bowls because it keeps your ice cream from not melting as fast.
Big Q
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