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KIeran Isaac

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of MDP

GLADIATORS KIERAN ISAAC 7-202 They were bloodthirsty killers fighting for thier freedom. Gladiators trained in special schools. Gladiators had a variety of weapons. Gladiators fought in arenas called colosseum
where thousands watched them fight to the death. There are many different types of gladiators. Different types of gladiators wore different types of armor to suit them in battle. Visored helmet Spartacus was a slave of war. Spartacus led a riot through the training camp with two other Gaelic gladiators and 200 slaves but only 80 escaped. If a gladiator is defeated in battle thier body would have been dragged out the stadium and the winner would go back to his/her call. Gladiators are a very interesting and a important part of history.
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