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why people should live in ontario

No description

Grace t

on 18 April 2017

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Transcript of why people should live in ontario

why people should live in Ontario
their is lots of food you can get it
food in stores we have lots.for food this is a example bananas,apples,those are fruits.And theirs also vegatables for example carrots an you can get that as i said at stores.
theirs lots of jobs for example at Walmart,Fortinos and more but it matters where you are in Ontario like Brampton and Toronto and ya.
there are 13.6 million people in Ontario and still going so your always welcome.
if you want a house in Ontario it is
very expensive its about 1,000,000
or more.
if you come from a country that has a lot of war then you should come to Ontario.

there are lots of devices in Ontario like phones,tablets,Ipads,ipods
and more.
fun and games
their are lots of fun places like Wonderland or Niagra Falls and ya.And if you can't find that as i said theirs devices for example GPS they get you places
I hoped you liked this prezi i hope you find Ontario very intresting.
we have three regions they
are the st.lawrence
lowlands and the Hudson
Bay lowlands and finally the canadian shields
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