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Be Creative! Enhancing Creativity in Groups and Teams

Group Dynamics: Sociology 300 October 2, 2012

hannah martin

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Be Creative! Enhancing Creativity in Groups and Teams

Enhancing Creativity in Groups and Teams Aurora May
Meghan Ballard
Megan Demman
Hannah Martin What is Creativity? Creativity is...
Generational-a range of ideas
Applicable-in multiple ways
Combining of different P.OVs and ideas
Extending upon ideas and INNOVATIVE (putting ideas into action!) Why Study Creativity? Without Creativity, there would be no INVENTIONS, or the process of developing new ideas as we communicate w/ others and attempt to persuade others to adopt our ideas and suggestions.
Learn how to enhance your creative competence
It can be both challenge but also rewarding CLASS ACTIVITY Solve these riddles! "CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART, O GOD, AND RENEW A RIGHT SPIRIT WITHIN ME."
PSALM 51:10 MYTHS ABOUT CREATIVITY Barriers to Group and Team Creativity Appropiately Analyze and Define the Problem
Create a Climate of Freedom
Listen to Minority Points of View
Encourage People to See Things and Themselves Differently
Selectively Increase Group and Team Structure Principles of Group and Team Creativity Techniques for Enhancing Group and Team Creativity 1. Creativity is a mysterious process that can't be learned

2. Only a few gifted people are creative

3. Creativity just happens Premature Evaluation of Ideas
Poor Physical Surroundings
Too Many People
Poor Timing
Stinking Thinking Brainstorming- vocally generating several solutions to a problem
The Nominal Group Technique (Silent Braintorming)-members brainstorm as individuals silently to themselves, and write down their ideas before sharing
The Delphi Technique (aka "absentee brainstorming)- individuals share ideas in writing or via email, without meeting face-to-face
Electoronic Brainstorming-groups generate solutions/strategies by typing and displaying ideas, as the group is meeting.
The Affinity Technique-sorts through and organizing ideas that the group generates.

That's All Folks! Thank you for listening! Now go out and be CREATIVE! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!
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