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The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar

No description

laila williams

on 8 October 2016

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Transcript of The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar

The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar
By: Laila Williams
33 Senators used double edged knives (Including his brother
His own brother took the very last stab at him
Caesar had a guard with him but he was dismissed that very night
Calpurnia (Caesar's wife) even had a dream of Caesar dying in her arms
A man even tried to warn him before the attack
Brutus ( Caesar's mistress's son) was the last name he called out for
His last words were "Et tu, Brute"
Affair With Cleopatra
During his civil war Caesar met Cleopatra and took a liking to her even though they were both married and both had kids
This was and extremely forbidden and looked down upon love
when the were together Cleo had a baby and the baby was suspected to be Caesar's son
The boy's nickname was "Little Caesar"
Caesar and Cleo had planned a banquet to have a chance to kill one of her children's father
But weirdly after Caesar had died people changed their mind about Caesar being the father
Also after Caesar died Cleopatra had an affair with Mark Anthony (Caesar's right hand man)
Caesar's Rule in the First Triumvirate
- General Pompey
Defeated Sicilian pirates
Conquered the Judea and Seleucid empires
- Marcus Crassus
Very rich
Conquered Spartacus
Didn't have a good senatorial career
- Julius Caesar
Elected consul for 59 years
Caesar was well aware that he would come up against lots of opposition from other senators
-To make this triumvirate concrete by an intermarriage deal
Julius married Pompey's daughter
Pompey married Julius's daughter
. Pompey
After Marcus died the power was left in the hands of Pompey and Caesar
Neither one wanted the other to stay in power
- Battle of Pharsalus (48 B.C.E.)
Pharsalus was the biggest battle
Caesar won Pharsalus
His tactic was by using the element of surprise
Caesar's friend Mark Anthony helped aid him in the defeat against Pompey
This improved his army by 11 legions
Caesar and Pompey both tried many different ways to win
Caesar tried to build a wall around Pompey
Pompey even tried attacking by the sea
Caesar even called out Pompey and told him " He just does not know how to win wars"
After Caesar pushed Pompey to Egypt he stayed there living with Cleopatra for a while
In year 47 B.C. Caesar defeated Pharnaces II so easily that he proclaimed his victory with the words "Veni, Vedi, vici" ( I came, I saw, I conquered)
And in that same year Caesar traveled to Africa surprisingly to where Pompey's Army had fled to end the war with a finally attack led by Cato
Military Conquests
-Gaul (58 B.C.)
Caesar threatened them to become roman or they were to be overthrown
Caesar had an interest in them because of their precious metals
The Gallic war was fought in now modern day France
the last battle was fought in Alesia and ended with a roman victory
Then after the civil war was soon after
Caesar defeated the Egyptian king and gave the throne to Cleopatra
And lastly he defeated opposition from Rome in Africa and Spain
Religion In Rome
The reasoning for worship was to gain blessings from the gods and to gain prosperity
Some emperors used religion for political gain
Roman religion also included cult worship
To them a god's approval depended on observance of religious rituals
Each god needed an image
a Statue, altar, or a temple for sacrifices
Communities of Jews existed too
The jews were usually treated with respect but sadly got into trouble with others from time to time
A Jewish man named Philo wrote about the brutal treatment that was given to the jews
Christianity was introduced further out into Europe when people heard about a man named Jesus that was crucified but then rose back up from the dead
Roman Entertainment
- Colosseum
This is the structure that was beloved by many of the Romans
This place housed over 50,000 Romans
In the summer when it got too hot to handle the Romans got a huge canopy that they would cover the stadium with
The Romans adorned the theater and the events at the Colosseum was always staged
The people included in these acts were so committed they were willing to die for it
It was also very violent they would feed christians to lions, mock sea battle, animal circus acts, animals fighting other animals, gladiator fights and animals hunts.
Most of the gladiators were slaves that would fight for their freedom
Some of the gladiators that fought well but not won would be judged by the emperor if he was present thumbs up mean you get to live thumbs down meant you were going to die


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