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Touching Spirit Bear

No description

Cayla Orns

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Touching Spirit Bear

By: Ben Mikaelsen Touching Spirit Bear Setting Description
By: Maranda Barbree Beginning
By: Cayla Orns Continue Climax
By: Cayla Orns A climax in the story "Touching Spirit Bear" is when Cole gets mauled by the Spirit Bear. It is one because it becomes a very intense moment when he just lies there on the ground for about 2-3 days. Resolution
By: Nolen Bornamann The setting description of the book Touching Spirit Bear is nice,warm and sunny. It is so cold at night that you can barely sleep at night. Warm in the afternoon and sometimes windy in the morning.There is trees on the other side of the river.That is my part of the setting description. In the beginning of the book called "Touching Spirit Bear" Cole had really awful Attitude and anger. He couldn't control it or anything. He then, beat up a kid named Peter Driscol for telling on him. Then they have a big consul meeting and Cole ends up getting sent to an island that is near Alaska. He will have to spend a whole year on this island. He then, later on does a really dumb move. He burns the shelter, and has nothing but an Attow. After like 1 day Cole sees a Spirit Bear and tries to kill it. He failed. He lays on the ground with markings and for 2-3 days he is covered in blood and wetness. When Edwin and Garvey arrive everything had just begun. In the ending of touching spirit bear cole convinced Garvey to bring peter to the island to heal like he did. Cole told Peter to carve a totem pole to show the significance in each animal, then to dance their dance. He showed Peter how to clear his mind and relax in the freezing cold pond water to cure any anger , and calm his mind. Although Cole taught him all of that Peter still wanted revenge on cole, and whenever he had a chance he would push,shove,ruin his carvings, and made him stay outside. But soon Peter took it to far and tried to beat up cole, while cole was trying to show he was sorry. But Peter didn’t believe him and kept hitting hard. Garvey and Cole taught Peter to calm down relize that you don't always mean to do something sometimes your anger takes over yourself.
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