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No description

Mitch Doxsee

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of Theme

Themes should be stated in sentences.
The theme is:
- The underlying meaning of a story or moral message.

What is a theme?
- It is usually a significant statement about society
or human nature.
- Often, the theme represents the main character's
journey in the story.
How do I find a the Theme!
Themes can be found everywhere.
- Movies
- TV Shows
- Art
- Plays

Communicating the theme to others.
True friends will never let you down, even when you think all is lost.
The word "Friendship" is not a theme.
The following statement is a theme.
A theme is never a single word. It is always a statement. In other words, it is a complete sentence.
Nature is superior over technology..

Good will always defeat evil in the end.

Love for a child should never be underestimated.
Themes in Star Wars
How Many Themes?
Stories can have more than one theme. There may be several in fact.
Harry Potter Themes
Breaking the rules is sometimes necessary.

The humble will defeat those will little humility

Desire can lead to a path of destruction.

The theme is usually a moral message the author wants the audience to hear.
A story can have many themes.
A theme is a statement, not a single word.
Mitch Doxsee
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