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My Natural High

No description

Alecia Evans

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of My Natural High

I discovered my natural high of live music my freshman year of high school when I went to my first concert, Kenny Chesney.

Growing up I always loved music, but as I grew older, I saw it could be taken to a whole new level. Seeing music performed live by real performers makes me feel a part of their world.
My Natural High is
Live Music
I experience my natural high with my sister and friends, but I spend the most time experiencing my natural high with my friend, Julia.
Part of the reason why live music is my natural high is that it can be experienced anywhere. Live music can be found in a giant arena like Solider Stadium, in a small intimate hall like the Castle or on a street corner in uptown Normal.

Live music is my natural high because of the thrill, excitement, and passion that I feel when listening to live music. When the lights come up and the down beat starts, I feel like I become a part of the music. I never want that good feeling to end!


My Natural High
By: Miss Evans

Since then I have attended many concerts ranging from large outdoor country concert at Tinley Park to small acoustic indie sets at The Castle.
How Much?
Live music can range from free to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the kind of music you are looking for. While I prefer going to live shows and watching concerts, if I needed a “fix” I could turn on a live cd on Spotify or go to a Potbelly during lunch and listen to an acoustic set.
Listening to live music releases a chemical dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is called, “The Pleasure Chemical” and the “Reward Drug.” When the chemical is released, it makes the body feel good and happy.
Live music also makes me feel relaxed. The release of the chemical serotinin causes this to happen. When the chemical is released I feel at ease and at peace with the world.
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