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Tropical Evergreen Forest

No description

monica trevino

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Tropical Evergreen Forest

Tropical Evergreen Forest
Identification Data
Vanessa Melissa Cantu Garcia #2 10B
Mónica Carolina Trevino Rodriguez #19 10B

Pinus hondurensis forest. Quintana Roo, Belize.
Map. The blue color means Tropical Evergreen Forest

Biotic Factor
Food web

Table of abiotic factor
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Gorilla; omnivore
Leopard; carnivore
What happened is we take an biotic factor of the food web?
Snake; carnivore

If we take the plants of the tropical forest alot of animals will die., because almost all of the animals that where in the food web eat plants and are herbivore.
Bengal, Bamboo;
primary producer
Kapok Tree; primary producer
Bengal Tiger; Carnivore
Chimpanzee; omnivores
We could learn more about Tropical Evergreen Forest in Mexico, and what biotic factors and abiotic factor are in these ecosystem and we found many interested things about animals like the chimpanzee and with the squirrles.
Fig tree; primary producer
Importance of this ecosystem
This ecosystem is important to every human being and animals in the world because we need it to have oxygen, and without the oxygen we could not breath, and the trees help us to breath every minute.
Toco Tucan
Fig tree
Kapok Tree
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