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Lois' Prezi

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Melissa Valdivia

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Lois' Prezi

How can I get my students to find evidence, and then use it in an opinion or explanatory paragraph?
It is tempting for students to read on a surface level, but it is important that they close read and discover the evidence and meaning.
Samples of Work
We wrote paragraphs about whether racism still exists in the U.S.
We wrote paragraphs about how racism affected the life of Jackie Robinson.
We wrote explanatory paragraphs about how Meg Lowman does her research in the rain forest.
We had to include specific evidence in our paragraphs that flowed from our opening sentence.
Some of us even put in quotes to highlight the message.

5th grade texts
Then we read different articles:
The scientific study of the rain forest.
The importance of sport in American culture.
The biography of Jackie Robinson from the perspective of his daughter.
We read articles on Newsela about racism and the current events around the treatment of African Americans.
Below the surface
We had to get very specific about what we were looking for:
We made a chart of evidence words to begin our sentences.
We highlighted evidence in our text.
We made graphic organizers for our writing to make sure we included the details.
We had check off lists.
Now we are ready to swim into middle school with our evidence skills.
Posie - Rainforest
Jackie Robinson
- Racism
- Rainforest

In order for some students to be successful they dictated their thoughts to a teacher.
Others needed help in planning their ideas into a sequence.
Some needed help in highlighting the evidence in the article so that they could use it.
Cracking the Ice (Code)
In the depths
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