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James Quilty

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of Angles

Watch the YouTube clip on the right.
Complementary Angles
Create a PAC man angle and work with a partner to practice. You'll need to try 10.

See Pac Man angles in the shared folder.
Copy and Paste this URL to play the game for supplementary angles.


If these are challenging try watching the YouTube clip.

Add supplementary angles
to your slide and show an
example with something
from within the class.
Supplementary angles
What makes a Quadrilateral? Why so many?

As you play take a screen shot of some of the moves you make. To do this press CTRL Print Scn. Your E-Learning Leader can help you.

Import this into your powerpoint and use the arrows and textboxes to show what you have learned.

Complete exercise 3.1 MW8 (Your teacher will give this to you.
Adjacent and Vertically Opposite Angles

Test what you know in this game
There's different types of triangles?
Geometry Challenge
Explain Everything Ipad app
Choose one of the areas where you felt challenged and create a YouTube video to be posted to Mr. Quilty's channel on one of the topics for the Grade 6's next year. It must be easy to understand and have an activity they can continue on with to practice.
Explain everything
Make 10 examples in your maths books with correct working out. Then download a picture like the one on the left. Using paint show how you can use the value of one angle to find the other. Full working out is a must.
Then paste this
into a powerpoint
under the heading
'Comp angles'.
Watch this clip and use what you know about different types of triangles to create a picture that has hidden triangles in it. Create a code for the
different types of
triangles and ask a friend
to find them. Take a photo
and put in your ppt.
Cut and paste the URL below into your web browser. Play the game and record all of the technical words for your powerpoint. Give a definition for the words you know and find a picture to represent the ones you don't. This should be the next step for the teacher to teach you.
Your teacher will give you a picture with
lots of four sided shapes. Your task is to
google different types of quadrilaterals
and then use this to classify your shapes.

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