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red dog film analysis

the film analysis of the film red dog by ed sound track by skrillex

Edward Vivian

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of red dog film analysis

RED DOG Film Techniques the camera techniques were widely used throughout the film with various camera angles and different shot types. for example, there were many extreme long shots, showing the vast desert landscape of outback Australia. also with extreme close ups of people showing emotion and some over the shoulder shots showing someone's perspective. Use of Camera The characters help create stereotypical australians by the way they dress, the miners were wearing singlets and shorts. The colloquial language and rich accent used also prints an impression on how the people seem to be Australian. The behavior of drinking beer also sets an Australian scene. Some of the nicknames with the letter 'O' at the end also makes the characters more authentic and suited to the film. charachters the sound track of the film at the start of the movie (with conjunction of the desert landscape) already sets the scene early that the movie is going to be australian. the lack of special sound effects may disappoint some people but for me, it makes the movie more suitable for the target audience. i believe the movie didn't need any. the music throughout the film was classic 70's/80's rock 'n' roll music that totally suited the movie's purpose. it was played at various stages throughout the movie when new characters were introduced and something positive or upbeat is happening. music and sound there are various symbols that represent australian culture throughout the film. such as the Holden cars, a truly australian icon. the beer drunk by the miners also represents australian culture along with their costumes and the pub band right near the start of the movie. the language used in the film was very colloquial in terms of slang used with people's names (adding the 'O' at the end) and also using different words like 'mate' and 'oi'. the Australian rock/country music also contributed to the film. symbols and language a landscape shot from red dog just remember to turn the music on and maybe down, it's a bit loud.
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