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Zweber Letter

No description

kayla williams

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Zweber Letter

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Zweber From: Kelly About me... My Connection to a Farm My connections to a Farm About Me My connection to a farm BIO Maddie -I am 14 years old and attend Eagle Ridge Junior High as a 9th Grader.
-I am an only child.
-I love food.
-I love anything related to music.
-My favorite TV show is Glee.
-I like milk, a lot.
-I love animals; I wish I could be vegetarian but I also love meat!
-I play the guitar and the french horn.
-I'm very athletic. Well, my cousin's grandma and grandpa live on a farm, but I've never been there before, let alone any farm other than the one at the Minnesota Zoo. But I have milked a cow the State Fair, I got a ribbon and everything! But I think a better reason is that every time I see a farm I wish I could go there and see what it is like. My name is Kelly Patet, I am 14, and I am in 9th grade at Eagle Ridge.
~ I REALLY like to eat.
~ I enjoy listening to music
~ I have a dog
~ My favorite TV show is Lost in Space... the one from the 60's
~ My favorite color is yellow Like I said before, I really like to eat... I eat a lot of hamburgers, pork, and chicken, I also drink a lot of milk.
I've never been to a REAL farm, only a farm I went to when I was about 5, it was called "The Kelley Farm". All I really remember is bunch of cats (it's a historic sight)... My dad's grandparents had a small hobby farm, he has told me some about it, and that he always enjoyed going there. My mom enjoys gardening, she has a large garden in our front yard, and a couple small ones everywhere around the yard. She lets me use one of the little circle gardens to grow flowers, although I'm not sure what kind they are, I just plant the ones that look the best. I love farms. I love being there, seeing the animals, and working. I live right next to a farm, they only have horses, cows, and a big veggie garden but they aren't really a profit farm. It's more of a hobby I think. My uncle owns about 70 acres just down the road. He has seven horses, a couple cows, and about 20 chickens. He runs a small carriage ride business. I named one of his chickens Nemo, and he promised when he has to kill it, he will get more chicks and I can name them all. Maddie, Kelly, and Kayla My name is Kayla Williams and I go to Eagle Ridge Junior High. I'm in ninth grade and I'm 15. I play lots of sports including tennis, soccer, and volleyball. I have lots of pets! I have a dog, rabbit, hamster, gecko, and many fish. I hope you enjoy our letter to you. This is my face ^ Kayla Have you ever gotten really attached to an animal, and it was hard to have to give them up?
I always said if I lived on a farm, I'd probably become a vegetarian, because I would be too close with the animals, and never want to eat meat again... Question #1 -Kelly Question #4 Do you consider your animals your pets, and if you do, do you name them?
I don't think I could name very many animals, I would run out of names, I have had so many pet fish with different names, now they are just fish #1, fish #2, (etc.). - Kelly Question #3 What kind of music do you listen to? I know it sounds kind of stupid but I was wondering if you listen to pop music or if you listen to county music like the stereotypical farmer. If you were wondering how I came up with this, I was watching the Grammys during Carrie Underwood's performance. Question #5 Have you ever had any major mishaps like a fire or something? At my cousin's grandma's farm they seem to have things go wrong a lot, like fire in the shed or falling off of a ladder. -Maddie -Maddie The End! I know you have a lot of cows, and that you milk them twice a day. But i was wondering, how much milk do you produce a day? Also, where do you put it all? How do you keep it cold? Question #2 -Kayla Question #6 All through Minnesota, it gets very cold during the winter. Especially for Elko! I was wondering how you keep your cows and chickens warm? I'm assuming they live outside usually, so where do you put them to keep them warm in frigid temperatures? -Kayla
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