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Top Gear

No description

Massimo Albertini

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Top Gear

Top Gear is an English show that talks about car with a funny and controversial style. Top Gear This show is presented by ... The anchor men Jeremy Clarkson (Jezza) Richard Hammond (Hamster) James May (Captain Slow) The top gear studio is an old hangar near a
Royal Air Force strip in Dunsfold Park, England. The Studio Like... In the studio there
are some strange things The cool wall Here there are many cars
that are classified by
performance and style And ... The stig The Track Here Stig test the fastest and the most
expansive cars in the world. And this car
have just been review by Jeremy Clarkson. And the V.I.P. drive a
old car to have the best time. The episodes And also some strange car ... Here the V.I.P. are interviewed by Jeremy Clarkson and they see their lap on the Top Gear track. The program started in 1977 like a normal car show, but in 2002 it became funnier. It is one of the most watched show in the world and it has about 350 million of fan. The episodes last one hour and there are different kind of clip: The show has 18 series and a total of 147 episodes The Race Power Lap Star in a Reasonably Priced Car It is a challenge where one of the presenters drives a car against other forms of transport (plane, train and ferry) drove by the other two presenters. Stig drives the fastest and the most expansive car in the world on Top Gear track. Jeremy Clarkson interview one V.I.P. about his car and then they see his lap on the Top Gear track. The V.I.P. drive a cheap car. And this is the top
ten of V.I.P. time 1:45.81 – Jay Kay
1:45.87 – Kevin McCloud
1:45.9 – Brian Johnson
1:45.9 – Simon Cowell
1:46.1 – Jennifer Saunders
1:46.3 – Michael Sheen
1:46.3 – Gordon Ramsay
1:46.5 – Usain Bolt
1:46.9 – Peter Jones
1:47.0 – Trevor Eve And that are the ten fastest
car of Top Gear truck: 1:15.1 - Ariel Atom 500
1:16.2 - McLaren MP4-12C
1:16.5 - Lamborghini Aventador
1:16.8 - Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
1:17.1 - Gumpert Apollo
1:17.3 - Ascari A10
1:17.6 - Koenigsegg CCX (con spoiler di Top Gear
1:17.7 - Noble M600
1:17.8 - Nissan GT-R (2012)
1:17.8 - Pagani Zonda F Roadster Like this ... Or this ...
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