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We Were Liars

No description

Ramneesh Dhatt

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of We Were Liars

Main Characters
Ramneesh Dhatt 8G
We Were Liars
We were liars is an astonishing novel. The genre of this novel is science fiction. It is about a 17 year old girl named Cadence Sinclair. Her family and relatives all go to her grandparent’s private island every single summer. She always learned something new about herself at the island every year. In summer 16, So when she was 16 years old, her mom’s sister brings a friend who has a son named Gat. Gat and Cadence experience feelings for each other. They both Love each other and love everything they do together. They have a bond that cant be broken. They learn new things about each other and every year they both discover something new about their family. At the end of that summer, she has an accident, a breakdown or some kind of illness, but she can't remember what happened, how or why. All she knows is that she was found on the shore, dressed in her underwear, the sea washing over her. She forgets her memories and tries to remember.
The main characters in " We were Liars are Cadence Sinclair, Mirren Sinclair, Johnny Sinclair and Gat.
Cadence is very adventurous and curious. she likes to explore and learn new things about herself and her family. She has believed in staying young and living life in the moment.
Mirren is very girly, she enjoys everything like doing her hair fancy, wearing dresses and skirts, heels, make up and every other thing a girl can love.
Johnny is very funny. he has always been the joker of the family growing up.
Gat is very smart boy. He loves politics and he has a very strong bond with cadence. Together, they both explore the island and learn new things.

Genre: Science Fiction
Novel: We Were Liars
Author: E.Lockhart
In this novel “We Were Liras” was very good and I enjoyed many parts. If I were to choose one part I could relate to, I would choose this one. I could relate many of my experiences to cadences’. But one part I could relate the most, would probably be when Cadence is with her cousins sitting around a fire. Just them, her and her cousins are all the same age, just days apart. They can talk to each other about anything and they have a strong bond. They have endless love for each other just like me and my cousins. They all have each other’s back and make sure everyone okay.
Part I Can Relate to
The reason I chose to relate to this part of the book was because this is one of my favorite memories with my cousins, playing poker is what we always do. Whenever we meet up we always play. Usually we play with our whole family and everyone gets really into the game. When the game ends we would play near the fireplace and just talk about anything.
About the Author
Emily Jenkins, who also writes under the name E. Lockhart, is an American writer of children's picture books, young-adult novels, and adult fiction. She has won the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fiction.
The reason I chose this novel “We Were Liars” is because it was very relatable and there were many lessons I learned from this book. I learned to be yourself, and be happy with who you are. Don’t let others ruin your happiness, do what you love. I learned to live in the moment because I won’t ever get to live this day again in my life, I only get this day once. So make the most of life and stay young.
Reason for Reading
Major Book Report
Man vs Self
The conflict that occurs in "We Were Liars" is man vs self. As i said, Cadence believes in living in the moment, and making every little thing perfect. She is afraid of getting to close with Gat. Cadence and Gat are so close and she is afraid of loosing him, loosing him as a friend and becoming strangers, never talking to each other. She goes through a depression phase, where nothing matters to her. all she cares about is Gat. Also, she is afraid of splitting up with her cousins Johnny and Mirren. She loves them so much. She is afraid that they will loose contact, even though they are cousins, they are going to different universities and things will change. She does ot want that Change.
Cadence vs Depression
Cadence doesn't want to loose this bond with her cousins and Gat. She wants to live these moments everyday.

" I think i kinda like you" - Gat, page 46
So far in this chapter, Cadence are starting to close to each other. They have spent a lot of time together and they are close enough to tell eacgother anything.
I can infer that Gat likes Cadence. That he wants a relationship with Cadence. Witch will have later on.
A) "I want to live like there is no tomorrow " - Cadence, page 189
B) I can relate to this part because i am pretty everyone wants to stay young and have a full life time.
C) i can infer that Cadence is feared of growing up. She wants to stay like this, stay young and care free.
A) This Island is our home, this island is ours" - Johnny page 29
B) So far at this point of the book, Johnny and Mirren have arrived at the island. I remember when Cadence heard the boat arrive, she bolt straight outside to meet her cousins.
C) I can infer that this island means a lot to them. That this island is what makes them what they are. This island is where all the precious memories are made. This island is their everything.
"I want all of us to stay like his, people change, everything changes. I don't want that" - Cadence page 226
B) At this point of the novel, Cadence is going through a depression phase, about Gat and her cousins. Mostly about Gat. She wants him to stay with her forever, and never leave her.
C) I can infer that she is upset about growing up and is scared. Scared for two reasons.
1) she loves Gat and he is her first love and she doesn't want to loose what they have, even though its not much. The little things they do, like skip rocks, go swimming.
2) Cadence is afraid to grow up. She wants to stay young and not have any worries about the future.
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