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The AcceleRacers Universe

No description

Chris Takada

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The AcceleRacers Universe

The AcceleRacers Universe
The Beginning
AcceleRacers actually started out as a one-off feature movie called Highway 35 World Race. It had many of the characters you see or heard about in the AcceleRacers universe. It's plot was some what similar. The best drivers in the world were recruited by Dr.Peter Tezla to race in realms and get the Wheel of Power.
What happened?
Well... the Wheel of Power was so powerful, that at the time Dr.Tezla couldn't contain it and the Wheel had to be returned. What you receive, you must give back. (The origins of the saying was with HW35)
Two Years Later
Gelorum (villain of HW35) was back with a vengence. She got into the Hot Wheels City(where the wheel was kept) and took it. Seriously injuring Dr.Tezla who was trying to prevent her from getting it. He then called upon Vert Wheeler, Taro Kitano, and Kurt Wylde. The best drivers from HW35.
What Happened Next?
They agreed to help Tezla out, seeing how the world was in grave danger. The races from HW35 turned out to only be the beginning, a mere test. The Wheel of Power was the key and opened up more realms. Which the racers (now two teams) had to go in via a copy of the Wheel. At the end of each realm there was an AcceleCharger.
What Did They Do?
AcceleChargers gave the drivers the skill of the realm it was won from. If you got all of them, the wheel would re-configure into the Ultimate Race and you'd be able to enter the Accelerons world if you win that race.
Hey guys, I'm Chris.
I'm going to teach you AcceleStudents about the AcceleRacers Universe. Beginning to end. Join me on this journey through time. Lets begin!
Who Won?
Vert won, without any of the AcceleChargers. Which was part of the test. Gelorum who stole the rest of the AcceleChargers from Tezla was then tossed into the abyss and Vert was given the chance to go to the Accelerons world, which he declined.
And Then...?
The series ended on a cliff hanger, leaving the story and universe of AcceleRacers incomplete. Last we heard, Vert was with the Silencerz (which is a team assumed to be working with the US government that also raced in the realms.)His dad was reveiled to be one of the leaders.
So What Now?
That is where my role comes into play. I am the writer of AcceleRacers 5: The Edge, which will continue the series where it left off and answer many questions we have had throughout.

Fun Facts
Now that we have the outline out of the way, lets get into some more interesting things!
Did you know that Hot Wheels AcceleRacers was supposed to have 6 movies? Due to poor planning for advertising the show, that never happened.
Did you know that Markie(Wylde) is the same age as Vert Wheeler?
Did you know that AcceleRacers wasn't actually targeted to Hot Wheels' usual age group? It was meant for 12-18 year olds. It had themes of death, romance, and young adult life problems. That's why it was aired on Toonami rather than Cartoon Network's daytime slots.
Did you know that the Silencerz are actually a team of special government agents and that despite Tezla "stealing" their technology, he actually designed most of it and was the leading scientist at the time, which is why he can read the Acceleron language and knows the weaknesses of the Silencerz tech.
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