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The NFL and the Asian Consimer Market

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Anna Gomez

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of The NFL and the Asian Consimer Market

Ultimate Goal
Increase Asian representation in the NFL to "hook" the younger Asian American demographic so that their interest will carry on into future generations.

3-5% year over year increase in Asian American viewership over 5 year period
Increase in number of Asian members of college football team via increased appeal and scholarship opportunities
Monitoring success of media placements, and social media engagement
By 2017: Asian American population set to reach 21 million, with buying power of $1 trillion; we hope to reach our goals by

Considering the Asian American Segment
The NFL as an Organization
Average NFL game telecast draws 16.8 million viewers
*More than double the average prime time viewership (7.5 million) for the big four
Composed of 32 teams
divided into the AFC and NFC
17 week regular season
additional pre & post season games
Individual Super Bowl games account for some of the most watched television programs ever

Details on Asian Americans

The NFL and the Asian Consumer
Common Themes
Those who grew up with NFL in their household stayed loyal to the brand once grown-up
They believe the NBA is more culturally relevant
*Most cite an Asian celebrity player
Those surveyed all reported being engaged with other American professional sports leagues
They would like to see NFL involvement in Asian communities
Watching NFL games isn't relevant to their lifestyle
Feel under represented...
The NFL and the Asian Consumer Market
The NFL: tradition, honor, heritage and remembering those who built the league; teamwork, individual contributions; community, diversity; excellence, integrity, honesty, and fairness; innovation for the advancement of the game in order to remain relevant. Leadership; being strong and confident; approachable, positive and progressive

Asian Americans: tech savvy, high household income; values family, education, and savings. Place high importance on excellence and individual success to honor one's family. Innovation and entrepreneurial.

-Innovation in player safety
-Lower the cost of tickets to attract a even bigger fan base in USA
-Online viewing, online interaction
-Product and services expansion for a global, multicultural market
-Young American appeal
No publicized Asian NFL players
LA and NY have some of the largest Asian populations but no NFL team
West Coast has weak football culture
Asian population is highly technological, the NFL does not cater towards their online practices
Most Asians are born overseas where football is not a part of the culture and there is no opportunity to view it
Asians value a strong mind over a strong physique
NFL behind in markets abroad

How Can We Fix This?
4 Strategies to Solve these issues:

1. Enhance NFL Redzone and Fantasy apps
2. Community outreach programs
3. Leverage Partnerships
4. "Together We Make Football"
by: Anna Gomez, Gentry Brown, and Michela Marsh

-The Superbowl, which is the NFL’s championship game, is one of the most watched sporting events in the world
-Loyal and huge fan base in USA
-Association with top sponsors
-Market share leadership
-Strong financial position
-Popular among general American public
- NFL has the most complete revenue sharing system in American Pro Sports


-Not diversified
-Inaccessible pricing often
-No global presence
-Limited diversity
-Credibility crises: doping, crime, poor conduct, etc.
-No proper association with broadcasters in Asia, as most NFL matches are not being telecast in Asia

-Competition - NBA, MLB, emergence of Soccer
-Fear / Uncertainty of Physical Harm (Concussions)
- Poor player conduct
- Loss of appeal to public
- Player/Owner lockout
- Teams not performing well, disappointed fans

The NFL on Multiple Media Platforms
Public Relations Initiatives
Manage Partnerships
Community Outreach
NFL representatives will go into Chinatowns and other primarily Asian American schools and communities and work to develop sports programs which suffer from a lack of funding for sports and after school programs. Partner with Asia Foundation in education programs.
Why this makes sense
The NFL has a long history of community outreach, it fits into their brand and described goals of corporate and social responsibility.
Short Term Effects
This will build a presence of the NFL in the Asian community and show that NFL players care about the Asian community, despite the fact that they are seemingly excluded.
Long Term Goals
Our goal is to get more Asian Americans interested in football at a young age. Since most of them are not learning it from their parents, we plan on bringing it into schools as a way to earn scholarships to college. This falls in line with the Asian consumer, who places a high value on education. Also, if more Asian Americans train in football from a young age, there will be more Asian Americans in the NFL, increasing reason for Asian Americans to engage.
-Asian American buying power is currently at $718 billion, is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2017.
-The Asian American population is growing rapidly
- High median household income
- Highly educated
- High television viewership

- Asian Americans have high digitial literacy and are avid television viewers
-Overall, 3 out of 4 Asian Americans are foreign-born
- High preference for in- language communication
- Most common set of shared values among Asian Americans includes: family, education, and savings.

15 second clips targeted online, TV and pre-roll mobile ads
Creative shows Asian involvement in NFL. (Yoga, draft, flag teams, etc.)
Show diversity of NFL
Goal is to repeat "Together We Make Football" and show how Asian culture fits into the "WE"
Leverage well-known, brand name partnerships to engage Asian American consumers. Asian American Youths put high value on brands as status symbols; leverage existing NFL sponsorships and partners to increase NFL visibility in Asian community.
Raise player (Ed Wang) to celebrity player status to promote.

Visa; scholarship program
Nike; run contests associated with highlighted Asian players using social media platforms
Multi-language app for fantasy football
*Koreans & Vietnamese; 94% in-language communications preference
*Chinese 81% in-language communications preference
Emphasize third screen & mobile aspect of engagement through instant gratification content
Target kids; play up gamification & strategy of fantasy teams
Highlight Asian American players in interviews, fun facts, etc.
NFL & More
NBA-like outreach to Asian countries
Attendance steadily growing for exhibition games
Gaining momentum in flag football leagues

Fantasy Leagues
*Yahoo!, ESPN
Survey Results:
“…But like what the NBA and the
Knicks saw with Jeremy Lin
, I think having a player like Lin in the NFL could
spark an interest
within the Asian American community.”

“It makes me feel
unrepresented in something I really care about
. Though it doesn’t really affect how I feel about the NFL, I would be a lot prouder of it if it had more Asians.”

“Honestly I feel like the sport is
so traditionally American
that the lack of Asian representatives seems to almost make sense.”

“My mom could care less. My dad, on the other hand, LOVES football. In fact, I credit a lot of my love for the game to him. We don’t get to spend too much time together,
but always watch football together on Sundays
. It’s like a thing.”
Short Term Goals
Increase visibility of Asian players in media
Ed Wang (former Eagles off. tackle)
Increase viewership in Asian American households, increase viewership among first generation children
Use technology like mobile to target Asian Americans
NFL Conduct changes: Dress professionally
Implementation of the Scholarship Program
We Make Football

Continue current NFL campaign that emphasizes community, family, and pride - BUT make multicultural targeted ads to appeal to Asian culture as well

Take both long term and short term approach to the campaign - prioritize increase in viewership earlier, followed by greater incorporation of Asians in game
NFL must take an active roll to recruit and support Asian American players:
Ed Wang Scholarship for Asian American Footballers
Top colleges around the country, known for academics and football, to appeal to Asian Values
BC, Texas A&M, UCLA, Michigan, FSU, Alabama, Virginia Tech
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