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Postmodernism and Pop Music

No description

Hope Scott-Wilson

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Postmodernism and Pop Music

Postmodernism and Pop Music
Music Turning Postmodern
Glam Rock
Rejection of previous conventions
authenticity and originality- authentic inauthenticity
blurring of boundaries between the real and the fake
Gaga and Postmodernism
Her work is created based on and influenced by previous artists work.

Gagas impersonation is inspired by David Bowie, who is impersonatng Pierrot.

Sampling of Other Artists Music.
Born This Way Vs Express yourself
You and I - We ll Rock you + Brian May
21st century
Lady Gaga
Blending high and low art
Blurring of fake and reality

David Bowie
Annie Lennox
the abandoning of modernism due to its exhaustion, an Artistic style that followed modernism or lastly artistic response to the rise of neoliberalism

Typical characteristics:
Self-reflexivity, quotations
Hyperreality has become an integral part of pop music.
Intertextuality and sampling are common
Seemingly depthless- does depth come from the intertextuality?
inauthentically authentic
Music Turning Postmodern
In Particular the Hyperreality:
"Baudrillard claims that our current society has replaced all reality and meaning with symbols and signs, and tht human experience is a simulation of reality"
Cannot seperate the message from reality
The way the message is mediated becomes more important than the message
University educated musicians and Art school musicians
understanding of modernism
"Postmodern pop music is stylistically eclectic" applies to almost all pop music.
Different Styles
commercial fabrication
reflect popular culture
"I try to take messages which are kind of universal . . . completely meaningless or so involved that they become ludicrous."
minimalism, cubism, impressionism
Imagine a less dressed female version
Self Reflexive
Previous incarnations of the Lady Gaga character
Parodies previous costumes

"I have mastered the art of fame"
Her costumes and performances are so outrageous that it distracts from her private life and we know little about Stefani Germanotta.
Intertextual- Quentin Tarantino
Introduction to postmodernism
How it has impacted music
Glam Rock
Lady Gaga, postmodern artist
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