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The Green Machine

Urban produce on wheels.

Zoe Olver

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of The Green Machine

We believe it is time to make a change! So how do we create
a method of connecting
urban producers
with the community
in a way that is
convenient, affordable
and fun?
Towards more ethical, sustainable
and healthy local food. The City of Vancouver is looking for people with new innovative ways to move our city to a more green, more sustainable city. Vancouver is Changing! While on the other end local producers and growers are having trouble finding enough ways to sell their produce. “Much of our unsold vegetables are being donated to food banks,
but even then most of it goes to waste because the average person
receiving food from the food bank does not know what to do with the vegetables.”
-Sole Food Farms But what is stopping us from making that change? Local, organic food is
expensive and sometimes hard to find! Vancouver’s south and westside neighborhoods offer the least access to fresh affordable food, which can be a serious problem for people with lower incomes or who have mobility problems. We proudly become the pioneer in mobile grocery in Vancouver! Connecting Vancouver's Urban farmers with customers on a consignment basis. Selling urban produce in food deserts, becoming a convenient stop for busy families and commuters after work. Focusing on areas with no access to grocery and busy commuting hubs. Find the Green Machine using your phone. Our Plan The Test! Let's see what
you thought about
The Green Machine! Building vertical farming to expand business. Future Plans Agriculture and food education in
schools and community centers. Do you think the
Green Machine will be a good business model in Vancouver? :) Would you shop at the GREEN MACHINE for local, fresh, and healthy organic produce at a reasonable price ? Expanding with more trucks. We will use the $10,000 for... Truck and truck design - $4,900 Marketing - $620 Fee's and Licenses - $2,261.79 Added to our
cash on hand! -
$1,918.21 -Franchise model
-Bikes We spoke to Vancouver's Urban Farmers... And found out there is to much food! In "Food Deserts", places with little access to fresh food, obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses are more common.
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