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Freight and Logistics Processes

F&L Processes

Satya Dhanushkodi

on 27 February 2011

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Transcript of Freight and Logistics Processes

Freight and Logistics Processes Who are the players when moving cargo from
point A to point B using air mode of transportation? Point A Point B Shipper is the entity that wants
to ship the freight Consignee is the entity receiving the freight Forwarder is like a travel agent
for cargo who may be involved at
point A or point B. They provide
transporation services that the air
carriers do not provide for a fee. They
also make money through consolidation
of shipments (sort of like a wholesaler) Air carriers are the companies that
own the planes and fly from point A to point B and carry cargp Handling Agents also known as GHA's work
on behalf of the carriers at point A or point B or
any where in between Sales Agents also known as GSA's work on
behalf of the carriers at origins and destinations Integrators are companies such as Fedex and UPS
that perform the roles of a "air carrier", "forwarder".
"handling agents" and "sales agents" Customs Brokers are agents that provide
services at the origin and destination that
are related to export or import customs. This
may be a service provided by the forwarder or
sub contracted by the forwarder to a broker Goods Flow Goods Flow Goods Flow
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