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Beowulf: An Epic Poem

History Notes 2010

Danielle Hippert

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Beowulf: An Epic Poem

History of the English Language
stages of the English Language
Old English: 450-1066
Middle English:1066-1500
Modern English: 1500-Present
Beowulf was written in: Old English (Anglo-Saxon), a Germanic Language.
This time period is known as: The dark ages (a time of feudalism)
Three Germanic tribes invaded Britain
together these tribes were called the Anglo-Saxons:
* Angles
* Saxons
* Jutes
These tribes were from the present day countries of: Germany and Denmark
A Warrior's Life
The relationship between King and warrior: one of mutal respect rather than subordination.
Revenge: Warriors would avenge fellow knight's deaths. The slayer must pay with his life
or with $$$$$
Triumph of light over dark-The monster must lose!
Allegiance: Warriors defend kingdom to death
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