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The Holocaust

This prezi will help explain and bring understanding about one of the worst times in world history....

Ryan Kilian

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust The Basics The Early Years 1933 - Nazi leader Adolf Hitler takes power and passed the Enabling Act which allows him absolute power forever
1st Phase – 1933 Boycott Jewish Shops and remove them from Civil Service Jobs (judges, teachers, etc)
The Early Years Con't 2nd Phase – Nuremberg Laws 1935…..Jews citizenship is removed and must wear the Star of David
3rd Phase – Kristallnacht 1938 - Vandalized Jewish Shops, burned Books, took violence in the streets – Jews paid for the damage and repairs
The Ghettos Very Brutal Lifestyle
Some ghettos used as a labor center for the German War machine
Some used to slowly starve people to death – 1,100 calories a day
Purposefully underfed
2,000 Died a Month
Those who survived were then sent to various death and labor camps
Jewish Civilians Rounded up in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943 and sent to Auschwitz Anti-Semitism - The hatred of Jews based on their religious affiliation

Genocide - the systematic killing of a particluar group of people based on either ethnicity, religion, or political association

Ghettos - confined areas in cities were Jews were forced to stay. They were surrounded with barbed wire and guards.

Concentration Camps - A camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined, typically under harsh conditions

Concentration Camps The Death Camps
Treblinka Camp – All Jews dead there within a year…
300,000 killed in first 5 weeks!

End of 1943 –
Belzec – 550,000
Sobibor – 200,000
Chelmno – 150,000 (2 survivors)
The Nazi's blew up Treblinka....These stones though mark the entrance to the camp Auschwitz Auschwitz I, the original concentration camp which served as the administrative center for the whole complex

Auschwitz II – Extermination Center
1.1 million Jews
Hateful caricature of Jews promoted by Nazi Germany propaganda Auschwitz Continued Auschwitz III which served as a labor camp and all remaining Jews sent there
Famous sign above Auschwiz III stating "Work Shall Set You Free" Auschwitz Continued Auschwitz Liberated by the Soviets– January 27, 1945

75% of the survivors were the only survivng family memeber!
Image from the Auschwitz Memorial
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