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The Adventure Of The Saskatchewan Grassland Plains Game

Play a game using your attentive listening skills and your knowledge... Have fun!

701011 PDSB

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Adventure Of The Saskatchewan Grassland Plains Game

The Adventure Of The Saskatchewan Grassland Plains
The Objective...
During this adventure of hardships, and challenges, we are tested by a game. Here is the objective: We are collecting tools for us to survive in the wild. We are split up into groups: Alex, Victoria, Moses and Meera. Each time we learn something new about the Saskatchewan Grasslands, we will receive a tool to encounter our next challenge. There will be little road-stoppers in the middle for you, to make a choice. Could this get any worse?!
The Challenge Starts NOW!

Question 1: Where In the World Are We?
Our second last stop, the Saskatchewan Grassland
Plains. That's when our bus runs out of fuel (How could that be POSSIBLE?!).

But into the reality, we have to survive in this area, an unknown place, The Saskatchewan Grassland Plains. We are put to a test like no other.

Tool To Be Won:

The Rope
Tools in Backpack:

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada. (North America) With a longitude of: 49 degrees N and Latitude of: 107 degrees W. It's neighboring provinces are Manitoba and Alberta. The grasslands are mainly located in the southern part of Saskatchewan.
This type of region is known as the Interior Plains, other than classifying it as a Grasslands.


-Rope (added to backpack)

What Is A Rope?
A rope is a combination of strings, yarn and other linear segments that are put together to create a stronger form. It is mainly used for rock-climbing and construction. (It's up to you, to decide when and where you should use the tool!)
Road Stopper
Uh-Oh! Looking at the sky, you see a rain storm approaching. What do you do? What can you use?
You can use the rope and the wood in the grasslands! The grasslands area is a very dry place, therefore, it is hard for trees to grow. But, every mile or so, there is a pond or a big river. This is where you can use wood from the trees. Use the wood to tie it with the rope. There you go! Your shelter is built!
To Be Won:

-Water Bags (5 - 6 bags)
In Backpack:

Question 2: Landforms
The Saskatchewan grasslands, are mainly flat area places. But, there are geological areas where there are rocks. Some of these places are used as mining sites. The rivers and ponds are occasional. Every so often, you will see a small pond or a river. There will be little trees. (Summer: The dry season will be the worst year for animals and plants. The water will run out, but the animals are adapted to the environment).
Dry... What season?
-The 5-6 water bags! (added to backpack)
What Are Water Bags?
Water bags are sacks which contain water in them. These portable sacks, are carried by hikers or explorers. Water is only sipped from the water bag if you are in extreme thirst, as you might have a limited amount
Road Stopper!
It's time to build a fire! What are some natural resources you can predict to build a long-lasting fire?
That's Right!
Some essentials will be: rocks (found in the rock formations around the grasslands), grass (the grass will help build the fire be bigger), and wood (found around the rivers). These are 'interactions' with the environment because we are using items from nature, that we are not also picking out. Anything that is fallen can be used as our surviving advantage.
Question 3: Vegetation and Climate
Vegetation such as wheat, barley and other grains can mostly grow in the fall (Harvest time). Sometime during Thanksgiving, the crops harvest. The climate there and the vegetation connect to each other. Without proper climate, there is no proper vegetation to grow. Same thing goes the other way.

The temperature in the winter can go down to -50 degree Celsius.
The temperature in the winter can go up to +25 degree Celsius.
(Remember that the sun's intensity is HIGH!)

Harvest season: Fall -
Crops are ready or really
close to ready.
Winter: The time where all of the crops are 'sleeping' after the harvest.
Spring/Summer: When all of the animals are 'on the run.' and plants begin their process
To Be Won:

Items In Backpack:

-Water Bag (5-6)
-The snowshoes (added to backpack)
What Are Snowshoes?
Snowshoes are shoes designed for walking in the snow.Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person's foot does not sink completely into the snow.
Road Stopper
Now that you've built your house and your fire... YOU'RE HUNGRY! What can you find to eat here, in the wild?
Hold Your Horses...
Dinner time is not so easy here... now we will have to hunt for food. Here are some of our things on the 'menu'
- Fish (Carp and catfishes are the most common here)
- Roasted insects and buffalo (The buffalo is a very common animal in Saskatchewan. All you need to do is start the fire, and roast!)
-If it's the harvest season, pick out some crops!
Tool To Be Won:
- Hunting Knife
- Parka (x4)
Tools in backpack:
-water bags (5-6)
The Ultimate... Saskatchewan Grasslands National Park
Grasslands National Park is a learning center for all ages. It is a park filled with activities, grasslands, tourist sites, animals, sightseeing and more. This is a place where nature exists and comes to life.

What can we learn from this?! Let's have a look at a short documentary to lead us to this wonderful desert like grassland.
-Parka (x4)
-Hunting Knife

Tools In Backpack
-Water Bags (5-6)
What Is a Parka?
A parka is a type of coat with a hood, having fur or fake fur along it's rim. A parka is worn if or when there is no jacket option.
What Is a Hunting Knife?
A hunting knife is a knife that is used for hunting down game. It can also be used for skinning animals, cutting up things, and breaking through materials.
Wildlife In the Grasslands
The grasslands bear various animals and wildlife. Many are endangered such as: Swift fox, burrowing owl, and the sage thrasher (bird). There are also many varieties of wildlife too. Such as, coyotes, white-tailed deer, red fox, bobcats, buffalo, ox, beavers, antelopes, caribou, grizzlies, wild brown bears and even more!
Did You Know...
Grasslands National Park has...
80 different types of animals
300 types of birds
100 types of plants
To Be Won:

-Bag of nuts
Items In Backpack:

-Parka (x4)
-Hunting Knife
-Water Bags (5-6)
-Bag Of Nuts
-Sunscreen (added to backpack)
Why Have a Bag Of Nuts?
Nuts provide a high source of energy. After walking miles and miles, you may need something to feed yourself on, nuts such as almonds, cashews, peanuts, and walnuts keep you energized for a day, though you may feel a bit hungry
What Is Sun-Screen?
Sun-screen is a type of cream that gives you protection or an invisible shield from the sun. It protects you from the UV rays thrown from the sun. This is very handy on a hot, dry day! (Hint, hint!)
Road Stopper!
Great... It's a really hot day, and now you need to stay cool. What in the world CAN you do?
Using our water bags and our sunscreen we can stay hydrated. Remember: We have a limited amount of everything!
Road Stopper!
Oh, god! We are facing so many risks staying here! What can we do to deal with them? This time we NEED help!
Life Saver Alert! (Yes!)
You got it!
1. Animals - we can stay in the high land areas usually where the rocks and mountain/hills are.
2. Cold at NIGHT! - Wear your parka and your thermals!
Thermals (x4)(added to backpack)
3. Hard To tell where you are going - we'll see that one...

4. Animals steel food - Believe it or not, they do! Keep food in a closed tight space, where it is not seen.

5. Really dry during the day - Drink water from the water bag.... remember we have a limited amount... we got something else too...
Believe it or not... We got...

-A Compass (Helps you with the direction!)
-Water Purifier
Now in your backpack you have...
-Water Bags (2 left!!)
-Hunting Knife
-Water Purifier
We are ashamed of our deeds, but we've lost our hunting knife and we need something so that we can catch fish! What do we do now??
You're A Genius!
We can use rocks... (Remember?? We have rocks here too!) Using sharp rocks will also be able to catch plenty of fish! Since nothing is being picked or broken off of, we aren't harming the environment, so our interaction isn't so harmful. Looks like life is not SO over!
*Sniff, sniff* I Loved my Other Life Too!
Now, we really need to get rescued. Luckily we carried a map, but this didn't strike us...
GRASSLANDS NATIONAL PARK. We are about 2 miles away from it! And we can get our lives back... THERE!

We Get There...
After our arrival, we get to drink cool water (that hot water was really getting boring...), and got an arranged stay at a hotel for a day. We took a shower (Ahhh...), we ate vegetarian food (Relief), and slept on a bed (I don't think I felt any rocks). We were glad to be home, but we remembered how much we suffered for our survival, and realized, our human being lives are easier than anything! We're glad we got some of these experiences!
Thank You So Much.
We Couldn't have done it without you!
Now... We look for the people who participated in the activity... for a treat!!

Video From: A Park For All Seasons

Images uploaded from: Google Images
All images from information websites!

Special thanks to:
Google Images
Treats and Awards
Ones who participate the most are destined for prizes! Have fun!
As Meera Says...
This presentation took a lot of effort. As a team we figured that we couldn't get a presentation like this. I would like to thank the audience, Moses, Victoria and Alex for helping me along this slideshow and doing all the research. In turn, I would also like to give a few of the problems we encountered while working together!
Believe it or not, we had three arguments:
1. Grammar
2.Whether we should do a powerpoint or a prezi. (Prezi dominated!)
3. Tools we should collect
If you didn't get it...
Collecting tools didn't make sense at times. Why did we get tools at the grasslands? Because we didn't want to make something too boring... we made a mission-like game. If we just listed the tools we took with us... admit it - you would probably get bored!
What about the participation part?
Well, we thought that it would be cool for us to keep participation so that nobody gets bored... bonus points: There were prizes too!
Are there any...
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