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Callie Flynn

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of EVocab

Fourth Grade

Callie Flynn 506
21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary
Word Walls and Virtual Field Trips
PADLET - this site allows users to share walls/boards with others to post notes, images, etc. on. It is a great collaborative space for anyone.

Benefits and Future Classroom
Padlet creates a setting where students can collaborate and learn from each other as well as the teacher. This site turns students into the activators of learning. Since my students are younger I would start by creating a Padlet with links to vocabulary terms with videos, images, definitions, and so on. I will use Padlet for linking online assignments too.
21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary
Reference Tools
WORD HIPPO - is a great site for students to further their understanding of key vocabulary or new words in general. This site allows for students to find synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, translations, and so much more.
21 Digital Tools To Build Vocabulary
Word Clouds
WORDLE - is a site that allows students and teachers a like to create unique groups/clouds of words. Just type in the words and then get creative with the colors, fonts, and sizes.

Benefits and Future Classroom
Wordle is a beneficial site for students that like to create things. Not all students enjoy filling out graphic organizers so allowing students to put the same information into a word cloud engages students. Also, students then get to make keys like red = synonyms, or blue = antonyms. In my classroom I will have my students choose between filling out graphic organizers and creating word clouds. I will also create word clouds for each student at the end of the year as a little keep sake.
Dalton EVocab
Strategy 3:
Connect fun and learning with online vocabulary games
Technology is a growing part of society. This strategy stresses the use of games to supplement learning of vocabulary. Vocabulary games can be used for independent practice or whole group lessons.
Benefits and Future Classroom
This strategy is beneficial to learners because games are commonly very engaging for students. Also, there is a lot of differentiation that happens when students are allowed to pick their own learning games. In my future classroom I will use vocabulary games when introducing new vocabulary. I will also use vocabulary apps when my lesson through students visiting different stations. Reviewing for a test is another time I would use vocabulary games.
Benefits and Future Classroom
Word Hippo allows students to explore new terms on their own. Some students understand words better in example sentences while other learn better from synonyms. Their is built in differentiation with students learning new terms. In my classroom I would use this site when I introduced new vocabulary. I would have my students fill out graphic organizers of key terms using this site.
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