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Shira Carroll

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Synthesis

Module 4- In Between and Among Texts

Learning Targets:
(1) I can explain what it means to

information and how it affects my understanding.
(2) I can
information from different genres, media, or formats.

Synthesizing in Action
Synthesize the information from “The Wonderful World of Synesthesia” and “Autism Unlocked.”
I am going to combine what I’ve learned from both articles to create a new understanding

First, what common topic or idea did both articles focus on?
The brain! Both articles discussed conditions that affect human brains and how they function!

So…If I combine my knowledge of synesthesia AND autism, what new understanding do I have about the human brain?

Essential Questions

(1) How can synthesizing information generate deeper understanding?
(2) How does craft and structure of text affect understanding?

Big Idea
Synthesizing information from multiple sources leads to a deeper understanding of the world.

Summarize vs. Synthesize
Determine the most important information that tells us what a text is about.

Your Turn!
1. Watch "The Sneetches"
Fill in LEFT Side of T-Chart
2. Read "The Sneetches"
Fill in RIGHT Side of T-Chart
3. Come to Guided Reading Ready to Share your Synthesis (responses to the following questions)
What are three differences between the 2 formats?
What is a common theme in both formats of the same text?
Which format helped you to determine the theme more?
Summarizing in Action
Summarize the article on “The Wonderful World of Synesthesia” and “Autism Unlocked”

The “Wonderful World of Synesthesia” is an article about what synesthesia is and how it affects people. We learn that it is a condition that combines different senses, what may cause it, and how it changes the way people perceive and interact with the world.

“Autism Unlocked” is an article that attempts to explain what autism is, what may cause it, and how it changes the way people with autism perceive and interact with the world.

Ideas are like building blocks in your mind!
One step further than summarizing
When we synthesize, we
ideas we’ve read about with background knowledge to form a new understanding. In other words, we put all the pieces together to see them in a new way.

Both articles showed how much small differences in the brain can impact the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. People with synesthesia and autism see things very differently than others, and many times it can be hard for them to understand and relate to everyone else. This has helped me to understand that not all people view the world as I do. Maybe their brains take in information differently, and maybe I don’t have a right to judge people based on differences they can’t control and which I can’t fully understand. I think this will make me more tolerant and accepting of people I see as different from myself.
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