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Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

The shocking story behind Wal-Mart

Jonah Townsley

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Click anywhere & add an idea Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price Kody Buss, Heather Kirchman, Eryn Sutherland & Jonah Townsley Director: Robert Greenwald Born in 1945, from New York
Producer, director, political activist
Founder of Brave New Films
Produced a series of political videos and documentaries. Film Background documentary about the practices of 2oo5 Walmart Looks at the impact of Wal-Mart on individuals and communities.
Shows the inhumane and unjust practices of Wal-Mart through personal interviews,
Gives personal stories of former employees and customers negatively affected by Wal-Mart. Overview
A) What is the filmmaker's purpose? B) What is the argument? What assertions/claims are made?  C) To what extent does the argument have validity? D) What is the attitude or viewpoint of the director? Tone? E) What cinematic techniques does the film use to produce its point? F) How does the structure of the film help achieve its purpose? Q & A •Walmart comes to overtake small businesses and force the owners out
•Wal-Mart lessens the store value because so many stores will be closing on account of them.
•Walmart is using the government as means for health care.
•Walmart is not sharing the wealth.
•It isn’t giving workers in other countries fair play •A man got his property revalued, and the price went down after Walmart was built in the area.
•A small business closes after 43 years because one was built.
•Walmart District Loss Prevention Manager says it's all about the profit, and the employees suffer.
•Several employees cannot afford Walmart insurance plan. •Tendency to list facts without supporting information as to the source or the date.
•If Walmart hears about hear of a forming Union then corporate men fly in, take control of the store, and teach the manager how to profile people.
•German employees get all the benefits they need.
•Validity is usually referred to through a former employee or official.
•This company could not get away with racism, but the workers could, thus the employees do not represent the final opinion.
•Never states the percentage of people who run their own  businesses compared to the average worker.
•The director was trying to discredit Walmart Environmental practices with a lady being cut off mid-sentence without making point, but later followed up on that.
•A professional claimed Walmart was contaminating drinking water, and Walmart was hardly responsive about the issue. •80% of all attack at Walmart happen in the parking lot. How often is that? What about other stores?
•Can 200 video cameras stop a crime in progress? •To reveal Wal-Marts mistreatment of their employees and customers.
•Get America to not support Wal-Mart and its practices. •Shows off a small town.
•Interviews of working families.
•Walmart Comes! Uses before and after clips of construction and the reaction of interviews.
•Suggest small businesses is more natural--a sense of superiority--with the hunting locale in the interview. •H&H Hardware store closes. ( The aftermath) The lights turn off.
•Plays 'This is your land' while waving the American flag over an empty town.
•Random negative statistics.
•Plenty of personal phone calls to rally a vote for a union in Walmart.
•Commentary/Interviews are done while working  with their hands. •A woman cries about the closing of a family business.
•Random camera shifts around one interview with sentimental music.
•Lack of eye contact for candidacy.
•Speaking with an American flag in the background. The balance of statistics, interviews and commercials really drive in the point.
The visual walk through of all the areas of life Wal-Mart plays an affect (businesses, jobs, environment, working conditions, and security) on how the audience views Wal-Mart.
The pop-up statistics play with the emotions of the viewer.
Effective because it uses everyday people who are associated with Wal-Mart to help make its point.
Shows people taking action (at the end) which shows the viewers something can be done. Urgent- Wal-Mart is taking over and needs to be stopped.
This is a problem that has gotten out of hand.
Naive- when it comes to our knowledge of how Wal-Mart is sustained.
Very anti- big corporations (like Wal-Mart).
Disappointed and displeased.
Overall, muckraking- To search for and expose misconduct in public. life.
Very one-sided.
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