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9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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Sierra Duggan

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

Digital Etiquette
Digital Rights & Responsibilities
Digital Access
Digital Health & Wellness
Digital Commerce
Digital Literacy
Digital Law
Digital Communication
9 Elements of Digital Citizenship
Digital Security
Making sure ALL students have equal access and opportunity to technology and the digital world
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Students must be aware of the risks associated with online purchases!
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Information exchange through technology
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Process of teaching and learning about the use of technology
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Showing appropriate online behavior
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
The electronic responsibility for your actions
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
Appropriate Use
Inappropriate Use
sites to buy from and
purchase items
buying from
sites leads to identity theft
What is Digital Citizenship?
Someone who develops the proper skills to effectively and responsibly participate in the digital world
Now let's learn what it takes to be a great digital citizen!
your teacher dedicates in-class time to work on computers
your teacher assigns technology-based homework w/out considering students that don't have access to computers at home
See this link for more information on the importance of equitable technology access and what it looks like!
Electronic buying and selling of goods
Refer to this link for your SAFE guide to online shopping!
ISTE's infographic answers all your online shopping questions and gives you helpful tips
Students texting during class
Students leaving phones in their backpacks at all times during instruction
Check out this video for some additional methods of tech communication!
Provides us with
communication via cell phones, email, blogs, social networking etc.
It's important to understand how technology works and build skills to effectively use it
Students take advantage of many online tech tools to increase their skills
Students use alternative resources because their school doesn't offer online resources
Visit the website below to learn more about building your computer skills!
E-learning for kids provides fun and educational instruction on topics such as keyboard usage, microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint.
It's important to act as a role-model, and behave kind and responsibly while using technology
cyberbulling your classmates
Students and teacher discuss appropriate ways to communicate online
Here's a short youtube video on tips to prevent cyberbullying:
It's important to be aware and follow digital rules and regulations
Students report illegal downloads
Students download copyrighted materials
Check out this Infographic
Includes great tips on how to abide by digital law!
Freedoms given to everyone in the digital world
We all have rights to digital ownership and free speech
Mutual respect of online users!
Students cite all online information used in assignments
Students use online information w/out proper citation
Learn more by Watching this video on Digital Rights and Responsibilities
Physical and psychological well-being
It's important to take breaks from the screen to avoid health problems!
Teachers and students model digital safety and take breaks when necessary
Students spend hours and hours looking at screens w/out stretching or taking breaks
Take a look at this infographic that shows stats on health-related issues associate with technology usage
Taking necessary precautions to ensure digital safety
It's important to protect your online data and personal information
Students are aware of the dangers of providing personal information online
Students fail to protect their identity online
Visit the site below for additional information on how to protect yourself online
The article provides tips for safe surfing and safe participation in chat rooms
Do you have what it takes to be a good digital citizen?
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