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Types Of Chemical Reactions

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Wassim Miri

on 8 March 2015

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Transcript of Types Of Chemical Reactions

Single Displacement Graphic Representation
Where It Is Used
It is used in the industry of steel. When thermite is heated, it can be used to join railroads.
Real World Example #2
Another example of a single displacement reaction is one that took place in the Statue of Liberty. The statue was made of copper on the outside and iron on the inside. When the copper in the statue reacted with air, it formed a verdigris coat. Verdigris then reacted in a single displacement reaction with the iron on the inside of the statue. This caused the oxidization and rusting of the iron. As a result, the
entire inner support of the Statue of Liberty had to be replaced in the 1980s.

Real World Example
Types Of Chemical Reactions
In the above reaction, elemental aluminum reacts in a single displacement reaction with iron oxide. This is because aluminum forms stronger, more stable, bonds with oxygen than iron. When heated, it is used to join railroads. In the end, this reaction produces thermite.
Double Displacement Graphic Representation
Real World Example
The first people to ever make soap were the Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese using potassium hydroxide (KOH). In order to synthesize KOH each ancient civilization used their own special method. The Chinese made KOH using a double-replacement reaction.
Why This Reaction Occurs
This reaction occurs because potassium is more attracted to the hydroxide ion, and calcium is more attracted to the carbonate ion.
Why It Is Important
We use soap for all kinds of things. This includes keeping our hands clean, keeping our clothes clean, removing stains from fabric, soot prevention, and ridding our house of fleas.
Single Displacement Analogy
Double Displacement Analogy
Synthesis Reaction Graphic Representation
Real World Example
The above photosynthesis reaction occurs in the chloroplast of plants. Plants use sunlight, CO2 and water to produce sugar (energy).
Importance of Photosynthesis
If photosynthesis didn't exist, we wouldn't have food to eat or oxygen to breathe. As a result, nothing would exist.
Synthesis Analogy
Decomposition Reaction
Decomposition Real World Example
Decomposition Analogy
This reaction occurs because all carbonates decompose when heated.
Combustion Graphic Representation
Combustion Real World Example
The burning of coal, a fossil fuel, is one of the most common real wold examples of combustion to produce heat and energy. Combustion of coal, petroleum, hydrogen, biomass, etc. generates the largest amount of electricity worldwide.
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