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Do you eat with you eyes?

No description

Ciera Warner

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Do you eat with you eyes?

Ciera Warner
A concept many food stylist use is barely cooking the food they are styling. Most of the food you see in commercials are hardly cooked for example burgers are browned and burnt will skewers to look as if they have been grilled with out them shrinking as most fully cooked burgers do.
Do you eat with your eyes?
Ever seen a commercial or a food blog and been like "Ooh that looks so good it is making me hungry! "? Lets hope you don't.
Most of the food you see is not really food
Yummy Yummy in my Tummy
Ever eat glue as a child? Its not too late.
Everyone loves a good bowl of cereal in the morning, right? Would you not like to eat this delicious bowl you are staring at right now? Once you find out what is really in this it wont be as appetizing.
In that yummy bowl of cereal was not milk but hair cream that had a consistency similar too sunscreen. Because actual milk will make the flakes of cereal soggy the stylist go creative and came up with a new white milky looking concoction that did its job well, but you would not want to eat it.
Turkey is always a must for everyone on thanksgiving.
But does you mom or grand moms turkey look this own and perfect when it comes fresh out of the oven? No? I did not think so. This poor turkey you your right is hardly even cooked at all.
it was put in to oven just until it looked moist but crispy, but is definitely not that brown. Stylists use a mixture of different browning agents depending on the person and the food.
Professional stylists use glue on many items but mainly when dealing with tearing pieces of meat. Turkey has a small hole? Glue it up. Steak have a few tears? Glue it up. To make a perfect looking smooth piece of meat look especially appetizing all you have to do is glue it up. it will taste fine, right.
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