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Shorter or Longer Recess Times

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Paul Horgan

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Shorter or Longer Recess Times

Benefits To Learning
With Longer recesses kids have time to give their brain a rest which is proven kids and adults need.
By Paul Horgan
Why not longer recesses you get physical activity, your more focused and on task, it decreases your chance of fatigue, You learn critical social skills, and your brain gets a much needed rest.
Playing can help the kids to stay
fit and active.
Longer recess gives kids more time to learn social skills.

Many people believe the more people sit the less they learn.
Kids come back with fresh sharp minds
What studies show
Studies show that when kids have at least 15 minutes outside a day will prevent fatigue and help kids focus.
In Conclusion
Shorter recess time
what bad things could happen during recess time
-kids could fall while running , playing sports, or etc.
- parents could sue or blame the school if the kids get hurt.
why having a shorter recess could be better
-it could make school hours shorter
-it can help bulling stop
-it could make summer longer
-and it can prevent kids from getting sick

instead of longer recess, kids could pick what they would like to do.
-play indoor games
studies show that :

* some times non social kids from other schools at recess usually don't play, they just stand there
*50% of kids rush eating their lunch to go outside
*a principal from Harrison Elementary says that "after recess kids are wired from playing and it takes them about 45 minutes to settle down before learning again".
*principals from different schools report that 89% of discipline related problems occur at recess
in conclusion:

I believe that shorter recess could be better, because it could stop bulling, and can cause kids to eat there lunch slower, and could make kids focus more in school. thank you;)
longer recess times
i like recess, but cutting 5 minutes off could make classes shorter. And if they cut classes, kids would get home earlier, they could get their homework done faster, and not worry about it later.
*studies show that 70% of kids forget there coat when they go out for recess and they could get very sick during the cold weather
what other schools say about shorter recess:
*a school in Georgia says that kids should have longer P.E. class instead of recess because kids can't get sick from the colder weather times
*longer recess can gain school hours to a longer time, which is not good if the kid has a lot of homework, that could lead to depression which could lead to failing grades

Debate on longer or shorter recess times
by, Tori Belisle
Why not
Longer recesses have so many benefits and the only con is getting out of school later by 5 to 15 minutes but with recess you are smarter and learn many skills needed later on in life.
I think that longer recesses are better for many other reasons to the longer recesses give kids more time to talk about stuff and the more talking done at recess the less talking done in school.
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