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Julia's Anti-Sex Waist Sash

No description

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Julia's Anti-Sex Waist Sash

Julia's Scandalous Anti-Sex Waist Sash
The Claim
In George Orwell's Novel,
, Julia's scarlet anti-sex waist sash not only represents a citizen's devotion to the party doctrine and party cause, but it is irony toward the sexual act itself.
The Color Red
Commonly associated with passion, lust and love

For the party to issue an anti-sex garment as a color such as scarlet is curiously unusual and contradicting

The party is extending its control and trying to eliminate something deemed dangerous:
Citizen's Devotion
Wearing the scarlet sash is an expression of extreme following of the party's ideology, almost to the point of fanaticism

The "model citizens" are in likelihood the ones the government should look out for the most
Citizen's Devotion...still
While these people show their embracing of the party in public, the same might not follow in the privacy of their own minds

Human desire for conflict grows much stronger than repressed
Thanks for listening!
If there is hope
[wrote Winston]
it lies in the proles
" (69)

Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious
" (70)
This quote shows :
the proles do not know the potential power they have

As soon as she woke up her demeanor has changed. She became alert and businesslike, put her clothes on, knotted the scarlet sash about her waist, and began arranging the details of the journey home
" (127)
No doubt that Julia's understanding of sexual repression as a mechanism to indicate "war fever" and "leader worship," renders her sex actions as a political act

Strives to be a model citizen for the party while hiding her own secrets behind her scarlet sash
'..you'd think that if i had a quarter of a chance I'd denounce you as a thought-criminal, and get you killed off? It's this bloody thing that does it,' she said, ripping off the scarlet sash of the Junior Anti-Sex league and flinging it onto a bough
" (121)
Describes her willingness to rebel and have sex

Will do what she wants and achieve her own desires in an attempt to be happy
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