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No description

prashant donda

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Correlation

Meta Analysis A Summary of MGB 301 Studies Big Five personality (9)
Job characteristic (7)
Job Satisfaction (6)
Socialization (6)
Least preferred Co-Worker (5)
Impression Management (4)
Readiness for change
Behavior Leadership
Diagnostic of motivation
Goal setting
Gender Identity
Correlation: 163
Individual Survey: 161
Constructs: 13
Background of Analysis Big Five Personality Job Characteristics Least Preferred Co-worker Job Satisfaction Impression Managment Socialization R= --0.45
K=4 R=0.48
R = 0.45
K = 3 R = 0.45
K = 1 R=0.42
K=3 Overall Results Many variables try to bring job satisfaction
Its in favor of employer to address all issues
? Thanks!
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