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Final Project Personal Branding

No description

Kelsey Hackenschmidt

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Final Project Personal Branding

Building Brand: YOU
Digital Resume
Use LinkedIn as a primary vehicle for communicating the following:

* Mission, vision, values, objectives, skills, knowledge and experiences

* Value Proposition
A.K.A - What your bring to the table that is different then anyone else
The Promises & Perils of Personal Branding Continued
Building your brand goes beyond an internal inventory, digitizing your resume and using social media. Understanding how to utilize your brand as well as protect it is also important.
CEID: 100
Final Project

Why is Personal Branding
Reason #1:
Because you are a part of a generation that is extremely tech savvy and highly connected.

Reason #2
Because your personal brand represents who you are, what you are about and in a professional context - your skills and abilities

Reason #3
You are leaving an impression where ever you go -You might as well have say in how you are perceived.

Internal Inventory:
By the end of this presentation you will understand what personal branding is and why it is important, especially for your generation.

You will have the tools and resources to build & develop, manage and protect your personal brand for years to come.


Tips for Personal Branding
An important aspect to consider when
creating your brand is finding out and
being able to communicate what
other people think about you.
Tips for Personal Branding
It is important to use a professional photograph of oneself online on websites such as LinkedIn because it will allow viewers to take you more seriously.

Be consistent across all platforms and put your best foot forward. Check out this video for more tips about ways to develop your online brand:
Tips for Personal Branding (Continued)
Your OLD Resume
Find a balance between your personal and professional online identity

Position your personal brand to ensure that your most desirable content is top ranked when people search for you

A personal brand communicates identity and capabilities, and is usable across a variety of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Your NEW Resume
Keeping Yourself Safe Online
Online Privacy and YOU:

-Do not ignore security threat warnings when visiting websites.

-Do not open suspicious or unknown email attachments, even from people you know.
Keeping Yourself Safe Online
-Never send personal information through email or instant messaging on programs such as MSN.

-Use secure passwords, and do not use the same password for all of your different log ins.

"Think Twice and Click Once"
posting something online, such as on a blog, is the same as putting it in a newspaper for anyone to see.
The Promises & Perils of Personal Branding
To Learn More About Personal Branding:
Graham Robertson

Jeff Bullas
Bobby Umar

William Arruda

Social Networking & Story Telling Brand: YOU
Find the right mix of social media platforms that best tell your story

Pick your leading and supporting vehicles for your content

Above all..

Some Final Thoughts on Personal Branding
By: Adam Beaudette and Kelsey Hackenschmidt
Personal Branding Recap
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