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Click; Connect; Curate; Create Presentation

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Lucia Masundire

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Click; Connect; Curate; Create Presentation

Guest Curator
Creating content to encourage online sales

Creating virtual exhibitions

Developing specific resources designed for online sharing

Creating new digital content based on existing collections
Collaborating with audiences
What is it?
A 2 year ACE funded project exploring how LCC can use "digital" to increase engagement with museum collections
What we have learnt so far
Taking risks & experimenting

What is failure?

Getting buy-in from staff

Learn about "lean" thinking

Not always a digital solution

Not a "cheap solution

Google is your home page

We aim to do this by
Exploring how we can use Guest Curators to create digital content based on collections

Developing content to be used for Learning & Engagement

Exploring how we can collaborate with audiences in the commissioning and design of digital products

How can this project help you?
Learning & Engagement
Exploring how we can use museum collections to support online learning

Developing a prototype to be used with SEN
Handling the Hoard - CATH Project

Let's Get Real Action Research
Other projects
Funded through the Renaissance strategic support fund which looks at supporting innovation, developing resilience and sustainability, and encouraging collaboration within the museums sector in England
Silver Champions and Creative Connectors work with LCC to commission, design & test digital products

Working with QUAD to explore low cost scanning techniques to create digital models of museum collections

Working with Ogglebox Sensory Computing Ltd to create an augmented reality game using wearable tech

Working with Centre for New Writing, UoL to create various forms of digital fiction sole2soulwrites.tumblr.com

Working with SurfaceImpression to create a heritage trail

Working with rippleffect to produce a social media strategy & training
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