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The music and dance community

No description

Kam Casper

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of The music and dance community

Making Connections
About the Community
Music Class and Academics (2)
Honing Social Skills
Helped me make friends I still have today.
Transform from shy to outgoing.
Elizabeth O' Leary: "Socially, show choir was my everything in high school...We spent so much time together, sweating, laughing, crying, and singing and dancing. It creates a bond of friendship that is irreplaceable."
Honing Social Skills (2)
"Balancing football and band made me stay organized. I had to know how to manage my time and responsibilities." - Aaron Swan
The Right Tools
B. F. Skinner (2007), “we can train qualities such as independence and creativity, and its efficiency and its targeted nature could be the key to a better society”
Music Classes and Academics
Music and Show Choir is not just
singing and dancing.
Essays, learning music and creative exercises.
Chris Murphy: "Show choir and music in general helps to stimulate the brain into thinking in creative ways. This in turn promotes academics such as math and the sciences by being able to problem solve and look for creative solutions. "

The music and dance community
Can include any type of person from the average choir student to the super involved musician
Spend serious amounts of time both practicing in class and socializing/having fun out of class.
Music classrooms can double as quiet study lounges!
Top Notch Teaching
"Kids transform from shy and timid into shining stage performers."
Terry Baurant (2010) , “to have engaging activities prepared for students as they walk into the classroom”
"Studying in the band room was super convenient because tutors were always around."
- Trevor Lyster
Burant, T. (2010). The new teacher book: Finding purpose, balance and hope during your first years in the classroom. Milwaukee, WI: Rethinking Schools Publication.
Patricia S. C., Claire C., Amy B. (2007). Adolescents’ expressed meanings of music in and out of school. Journal of Research in Music Education, 55(3), 220-236. Retrieved from: http://jrm.sagepub.com/content/55/3/220.full.pdf+html
Catterall, J., Chapleau, R., & Iwanaga, J. (1999). Involvement in the arts and human development: general involvement and intensive involvement in music and theatre arts.
"It gives me the motivation and desire to study and not turn in anything unless it was quality work" -Current MHS Student
Good Times,
Great Experiences,
the Best People.
Gave me another way to branch out
Academic Comparison
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