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Field Innovation Team

No description

James Carlson

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Field Innovation Team

FIT has a cross-sector SMEs that are thought leaders in their respective fields in the world who have deployed to disasters to assist survivors

We have an experienced team who have deployed to countless disasters in government and non-government roles and leadership who have run operations for Federally declared disasters.

We have a track record of success in solving problems with innovative methods in disasters from Hurricane Sandy that struck the east coast of US to the Boston Marathon Bombings to the typhoon in the Philippines we have taken on challenges and solved the real-time assisting survivors world-wide.

We are changing the way we interact with environments, whether physically ont eh ground or virtually deploying we are putting survivors first and utilizing the best innovations globally to ensure communities are up and running.

We want to change the world and are currently doing it, we want you on the team.
-ex/ Designers canvassing FEMA’s disaster recovery centers during Hurricane Sandy and developing an experience that is more survivor centric to allow for a more effective process for survivors getting assistance.

-ex/ Tech: Oklahoma Tornadoes FIT, FEMA External Affairs and the Drupal conference with 130 hackers/coders creating an app and coding that allowed survivors to exchange rides/shelters. Code used in flooding in Germany several weeks later.

-ex/ Communications infrastructure: FIT, Open Signal & team worked on a Cell Connectivity Heat map allowing everyone to view the connectivity of cell coverage from private carriers, etc.
Umbrella Aid Orgs / Govs
skilled facilitation
more survivors
engages to impact communities
affected by disaster.
technical expertise
support for leaders
real usage data
technical expertise
detailed feedback
opportunity to collaborate
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