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Should dogs be executed for biting people?

No description

Macy Campbell

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Should dogs be executed for biting people?

By: Macy Campbell
Should the state execute dogs that have bitten someone?
Should the state execute dogs that have bitten someone?
Dogs should not be executed for biting someone. Most of the time, dogs are defending something for a good reason such as mother dogs not letting people handle their puppies, or they might be eating and someone is trying to take their bowls away. Those are just two of the many reasons that dogs will bite people.
First Reason
To begin with, the main reason that dogs bite is from aggression. Most aggression is from stress. Stress can come from a variety of sources. Some dogs have high bite thresholds which means it takes a lot of stressors to cause that dogs to bite. Some dogs have a low threshold which means that they do not need very many stressors to cause them to bite. Dogs that are around more stressors are more likely to bite the person that make them stressed. The potential sources are babies, toddlers, other dogs,or strangers.
Second reason
Additionally, there are many different types of aggression and reasons for it. Pain, fear, anxiety, or any other kind of threat to the dog's well being can be considered a stressor. Stressors makes dogs bite. If dogs have lower tolerance, feeling ill or hurt, overly excited, have puppies, or are sleeping they will bite more often. There is dominance, fear, maternal,redirected, and pain-induced aggression and the protection of valuables.
Third Reason
In addition, people do not give their dogs the right care. Dogs who are left unattended in yards, or dogs expected to do more than they are capable of are more likely to bite. If dogs are poorly trained, or socialized too much, or not maintained, they will bite more often. Some people leave their dogs unattended, and they do not give them food or water, but they let them scavenge for it. When people take away the little food and water that they have, they will bite. More than 65% of fatal bites are from dogs with lack of supplies or untamed dogs.
Dogs should not be executed for biting someone. Dogs usually bite from aggression and aggression is caused by stress, there are many different types and causes of aggression, and people do not give their dogs the right care.Would you like the state to execute your dog for biting someone for a reason?
Most of the time, when dogs bite, it is not a sign of aggresion, but a sign of affection.
Bye Bye!!
From Boo!
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