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Technology of Meteorology


Peg Hartwig

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Technology of Meteorology

Spinning Hurricanes All hurricanes in the northern hemisphere spin counter-clockwise. Hurricanes form over warm water. Therefore, most hurricanes start near the equator Hurricanes lose power while going over land. Why? Because there is a lack of the warm moisture that a hurricane needs to stay powered tornadoes How do tornadoes form? A dry cold air front meets a moist warm front during a thunderstorm. winds from the storm lift the air and mix the fronts more and lift the winds up creating a funnel, making a tornado. map where tornadoes mostly form fronts fronts cause storms when fronts mix together they cause storms, and how much warm air you have compared to cold determines what storm they cause. Technology of Meteorology Made By:
Alec, Eli, Sam, James, Kathryn, and Halle
Using Resources :
Discovery Education TechBook, Unisys, NOAA,
Integrating 21st C. learning tools:
iPad ShowMe, iPad GoogleEarth, iPad PicCollage
JellyCam, Animoto, Prezi & Adobe Premier Movie editor UW Wood County Middle School Academy We used iPads to explain
how fronts interact & create
different weather results Using Discovery Education
TechBook, we experimented with
Different weather behaviors to learn the results! The Discovery Education Techbook
has a great video to help us
understand how hurricanes develop ...Then we used JellyCam to
animate our understanding! Here is our green screen using Discovery Education! grthbtrr xhfng 2
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