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the giver map

No description

Delores okeke

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of the giver map

The Giver Map
by: Delores Okeke
This is where Jonas and everybody in the community lives.
Small Businesses and Factories
Where all the kids go to school.
This is where all the information of every single person in the community is located.
The Annex
This is where the giver lives and where Jonas receives all the memories.
House of the Old
Hall of Open Records
Food Delivery
This is where all the old live, also where Fiona's assignment is located.
This is where the food is given to the community.
Nurturing Center
This is where all the children were raised. Also Jonas's dads is assignment is located here.
Birthing Center
This is where the birth mothers give birth. Everybody in the community was born here.
Where the community celebrates releases, the ceremonies , and others.
Fish Hatchery
Play Area
This is where the kids play during break time and also where Asher's assignment is located.
This is where various people in the community assignments are located.
Child Care
It is like Pre-K in the community.
Number one's name was Madeline. Her assignment is located here. This is also where the community gets its proteins[ or fish] from.
The river separates the community from the real world.
Jonas finds out that they were going to release Gabe then he sneaks out the house with Gabe the night before they release him and steals his fathers bicycle [ which has a kid seat ].
Shhh! Keep quiet if anyone finds Jonas with Gabe, who is suppose to be released, while they are trying to sneak out the community he and Gabe will be killed.
Jonas steals some food from the food delivery to survive outside the community.
Jonas is finally free.
Jonas is tired. He is tired of all the lies, sameness, and no choices. So he and the giver plot a plan to flee from the community but the giver says he needs to stay and it would be chaos without him. They give their last goodbyes and Jonas goes off......
Jonas beings to think he has reached elsewhere. He hears the sound of music and sees the lights of Christmas. "There could be love" he thinks to himself. Is Jonas elsewhere? Is he hearing the music? Or perhaps just an echo.....
Thank You
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