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Save the Planet

No description

Taha Hashmi

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Save the Planet

Global Climate Change....... Who does it hurt? IT HURTS.... Glaciers &
Polar Bears in the Arctic Leopard in Africa Our Coasts AND ABOVE ALL........... It Hurts us Bison in North America Rain Forests
in South America Marketability Sense of Urgency Melting Arctics Causes
Hurricanes Could cause floods - Many sponsors that support WWF (such as... AVON & Coca-Cola)
- Have a website that educates & helps understand the process going on
- Many social media organizations promoting WWF to invite people to help Black Bear in Europe Arctics
Melting twice times faster than global average
could cause floods Fresh Water
Only 0.01% is fresh accessible water Animals
500 species dangerously close to extinction
1/4 mammals, 1/8 birds, 1/5 sharks threatened with extinction in near future Climate Change & Pollution :
Greenhouse gas emissions increased by 32% in 15 years Overview of Cause Operates in over 100 countries "Be The Voice For Those Who Have No Voice" Bengal Tiger in Asia USE OF FUNDS Foundation The Drive Animals Melting Arctics Fresh Water Climate Change Pollution Causes - 35% of world's fresh water species had already fallen - The polar ice caps have melted 5 times faster in 20 years than 10,000. Beliefs - Global sea-levels have significantly increased in the last 20 years. Founded in 1967
By Alan McNaughton The future of this world is in your hands........... Support us for a living planet..........
YOUR PLANET Humans OUR SPONSERS Leonardo DiCaprio Nat Geo: Education
Volvo: Transportation
RBC: Financing
Coca Cola:Financing
Nike: Clothing
Panasonic: Equipment Sponsor Purpose The Boost Our Funding WWF

COMING UP NEXT... Total Revenue: $ 23 682 000
$ 17 468 000 spent on conservation Convenient website with full directories Fund Distribution by Program Information available in 5 different languages upon request Annually update approved financial
statements available June 30 (Yearly) Annual review provides a highlight of our work and money distribution Increase in conservation
expenses Changes made because of us....... oceans are responsible for 200 million jobs 2012 green fishing plan and reduction in oil drilling in oceans Policy Effect Arctic wildlife program (polar bears)
approved LAST POLAR BEAR HABITAT By: Zaheer and Shaharayar Healthy oceans=Healthy marine animals
= Safe food Less green house gas emissions

= Better air quality

= Less respiratory diseases Increase by $ 2 690 000 CONTACT
US... PHONE: 1-800-26-PANDA (1-800-267-2632)

245 Eglinton Ave. East
Suite 410
Toronto, ON
M4P 3J1

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