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How To Steal a Dog Book Report

No description

cathy vogt

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of How To Steal a Dog Book Report

By Ethan Book By Barbara O' Conner How to steal a dog Problem:
Georgina is very depressed. Her family has no house and her Father went away. Her mom and brother Toby live with in their car. Georgina will do any thing to get money. She sees a missing dog sign and plans to steal a dog. In her journal she writes steps to steal a dog. It is very important in the book because she follows those rules to steal a dog. She does not mean to steal the dog, because if she steals a dog there will be a reward and Georgina will get money if she takes the dog back to its owner. Settings: ~North Carolina
~Georgia's family's car
~Carmella's house
~Whitmore Street Part 2: Characters: Solution: (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Part 1 After Georgia steals Willy,Carmella's dog, she keeps him at a old house. Mookie who is a hobo tells about life. She thinks what she did was wrong.
She returns the dog to Carmella. ~Georgina
~Georgina and Toby's Mom
~Mookie When Carmella hears about it she is not mad.
She lets Georgia and Toby come over on days to see Willy. Her mom finds them a home and everything is all right. My Part Favorite END! THE
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