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Copy of No Promises in the Wind

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sas aqwer

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of No Promises in the Wind

No Promises in the Wind
By: Irene Hunt
No Promises in the Wind is historical fiction because it takes place in a real time "The Great Depression" but all the characters are fake and were made up for that time. Though all the happenings could happen such as, kids could run away or people such as Howie could die jumping on or off trains.
Historical Fiction
The setting of No promises in the Wind is during the great depression.The Great Depression was a Worldwide economic crash that took place in 1929-1941. In the story the Great Depression took place in Chicago, Nebraska, and New orleans.The weather in the book goes from very cold, to warm and humid.
Michael- The author creates a sense of poverty by Josh's family not having any money so they have to save food by not eating it all and that Joey and Josh would have to beg for food at peoples houses and that they would feel rich even they just had five dollars.
Evidence of Poverty
Eric-Direct characterization is when an author states the characters traits or characteristics. Indirect Characterization is when the author shows the characters actions, words, thoughts and how they affect other characters. Joshes traits are stubborn, nice. An example of indirect Characterization is "The rythmic roar of the wheels soon made me drowsy."Pg. 42. An example of direct characterization is "The Grey Rabbit-like man shuffled past the door"
Indirect and direct Characterization
Michael-The point of view is from Josh and it is first person."I began to feel a little scared." pg. 86. The story couldve changed because Joey probably woudlve been saying whats happening different because for the time Josh and Joey split up the story wouldve focused on Joey and how he went to a shed instead of Josh just looking for him.
Point of View
Dynamic and Static Characters
The character Josh only changes a little, because
he experienced what his dad went through. A Dynamic character is a character that experiences changes throughout the book. A character that is static is Joey. Joey is static because he does not experience changes in the book. A static character is a character that does not experience changes in the book.
Michael- The difference between external conflict is when they are fighting another person and internal coflict is when the person is fighting themselve or a struggle. How Josh is struggling to forgive his dad and that is internal conflict and external conflict is to survive and to provide for Joey.
Eric Lindquist- Passage: Psalms 13 : 5 But I have trusted in your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation

I chose this verse because Josh and Joey have to trust in each other and in other people, and in God.
Conecting the Text
Michael- The story teaches me that i should be greatful that i can afford food and that i dont have to have to work so i can focuse on school and get a good eductation.
Connecting the Text
Eric- I connect to the text because the story makes me thankful for my dad because he has a job. And I am thankful for my house so I have shelter. And because I go to school.
Conecting to the text
Jordan- I connect to this story because im greatful for what I have. I thank my family that we have a house and food. Also i thank my dad that he can support my family and my mom to watch aroud the house.
Point of View
jordan- The point of veiw of the story is written in first person point of veiw. The grey rabit like man shuffeled past the door, page 85
Eric-The point of view of No promises in the Wind is in 1st person. I know this because the character josh is narating. "Likely story. I aint seen a kid with this much money in two years." He leaned forward and suddenly barked in my face. "Come clear now, whered you steal this."Pg. 145
I connect to the text
Zach- im great full for my house my family my freinds and my food.i fell blesed to be able to have all this stuff i have. living in the great depresion must have been hard. we think that not haveing a snack is hard imangine starving in the cold.
Zach- The Point of view is from Josh and it is first person."I began to feel a little scared." The story couldve changed because if it were in Joeys point of view it probably wouldve changed because Joey would be talking about his feelings
Point of View
Indirect and Direct Characterization
Michael- Direct Characterization is when the author states personality and traits and indirect characterization is when the author states the characters action, words, and thoughts. Joshes traits are being stubborn. A example of indirect characterization is "The ryhthmic roar of the wheels soon made me drowsy." An example of direct charcterization is "The Grey-rabbit like man shuffled passed the door."
jordan-The main conflict of the story is the fight between josh and his father. Internal conflict is a struggle between a character. External conflict is a struggle between an outside force. Internal conflict example =I cant believe i did that i feel so bad. An example of External conflict = I cant walk to the store because the weather is to bad.
Eric- The external conflict is a conflict between a character vs. an outside force .while internal conflict is between a character and another character. An example of external conflict is how josh has to take care of joey through freezing temperatures and while their starving. An example of internal conflict is how Josh and his dad are in an arguement.
Eric- The book No Promises in the Wind makes a sense of poverty because Josh and Joey have to go from door to door to ask for food and a place to sleep. And there is a sense of poverty because they have to ride on trains and dodge railroad bulls, while riding with hobos. And because they ran away from home.
Evidence of Poverty
Ryan- I am very thankfull for what I have, that is why I relate to the story. Josh and Joey were thankful for what they had too. I am thankful for my house, friends and the food iget. Most importantley i am thankful for my family.
Connecting to the Text
Michael- Dynamic Charcter is when the character changes and Static Character is when the charcter doesnt change. Josh is dynamic because he changes what he thinks of his dad and Joey is static because he didnt even change what he thought of his dad because he wasnt even fighting with his dad.
Dynamic and Static Characters
Evidence of Poverty
Jordan- Indirect characterization is when the author shows characters actions, speech, thoughts and how they affect the other characters. Direct characterization is when an aouthor states the characters traits or characteristics. An example of indirect characteriztion is the ryhtmic roar of the weels made me drowsy. Direct is the grey rabit like man shuffled past the door.
Ryan- the point of view of the story is 1st person. I know this is first person because the author "Irene Hunt" uses words like I, or you when Josh talks to another person. Now I will give an examlpe from the text that proves it is first person, "I was restless during these weeks." pg. 108, paragraph 2. The story will change completely if it were 3rd person because you would not know the feelings of the characters.
josh didnt change alot throuout the story but he only change because he now knows wat his dad had to go through so he is a dynamic character. joey didnt change at all so he is a static character
Bible Verse: Phalsm 27:1 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of death: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."
Theme: Courage
jordan- My bible passage is romans 12:12. "Rejoce in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer". I chose this bible passage because is show hopefulness and perserverance
Zach- the main conflict in the story is josh fighting with his dad in ternal conflict is a stugle between a character. a external is a conflict with a charcter to another character.
Zach- on evidnce of poverty is when josh asked for more potatoes and they couldent give him more. mother one is when josh had to dig through the trash to get food.
Zach- my bible verse is " trust in the lord with all your heart and learn not on your own understanding ; in all ways acnowladge him, and he will make your paths straight. (proverbs 3:5-6) this passage shows that u should follow your dreams and trust in god.
Ryan- Characterization is the act of developing and creating a charactor. Their two types of charactorization, idirect when the author shoes you but does not tell you directley, and direct when the author tells you directley. Direct- "the rythmic roar of the wheel soon made me drousy." Indirect- "The grey rabbit like man."
Michael Schmidt
My bible verse is the same as Zach's. " Trust in the lord with all your heart and learn not on your own understanding; in all ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. (proverbs: 3:5-6). This passage means to alwys trust and belive in God. They did not talk about God in the book but I knew they had to of had God helping them.
Ryan- Internal conflict happends within a charactor. External conflict happends around or outside of a character. Internal- Josh doesn't think him and joey would stay alive in the cold, Josh doesnt think him and joey would make it because they wre starving. External- Josh gets in a fight with joey and he runs off, Josh and his dad hate eachother and he thinks about it all the time.
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