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Equivalent Fractions

No description

John Hocker

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Equivalent Fractions

Finding Equivalent Fractions / HockerCreated
Cross Multiplication
Use Big "X" to solve this problem.
Work with a shoulder partner (could be up to three students)! Only share one paper with the teacher. Each group's paper should have everyone's writing!
Use a fraction wall to find equivalent fractions!
Use skip counting to find equivalent fractions!
Comparing Fractions / Using Pictures
Pictures can be used to show equivalent fractions.
Find equivalent fractions by multiplying, or dividing, the numerator and denominator by the same number.
Work with a shoulder partner!
Solve this problem using a calculaor and BIG "X".
Work this problem with the teacher.
What should you do if you have
the same denominator?
Just compare the numerators. The fractions could have the same numerator, so in that case they would be equivalent!
Use Multiplication
Can I usse a calculator to find eqivalent fractions?
Yes! You can use a calculator to find equivalent fractions on the SOL test. Use the calculator to verify equivalent fractions when using BIG "X"!
Use fraction bars to find equivalent fractions!
Multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number and find equivalent fractions
What are fractions, Click this video for the beginning.
What are fractions? Start here!
Use Big "X"
Finding equivalent fractions.
Listen to this slide first.
Then listen to and watch the others if you wish.
Ways to find equivalent fractions!
This slide is for illustrative purpose...do not use as part of the instructional lesson unless needed for reinforcement.
Review the last slide before working these problems.
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