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Izzy's ancient mayan project

No description

Joanna Wisner

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Izzy's ancient mayan project

Daily Life The mayans lived in Yucatán, wich is now called southern Mexico, Guatamala. They were very religous people. Their religion was divided into three parts the level above earth, the level below earth, and earth. " The level above earth was like the christian heaven and the level below earth was like the christian hell. " They worshiped their " Gods of Nature everyday."

http://www.kidskonnect.com/subjectindex/16-educational/history/256-ancient-mayan.html Ancient Maya Religion Gods of Nature The ancient mayans prayed to their gods every- day.The gods of Nature included the following names, God of Rain, Lady Rainow, God of Maize (corn) and obviously the God of Sun. Without the help of these gods there would be no crops. Afterlife The mayans believed in "The Afterlife". Commoners were buried under the floor in their house, so that they could be with their ancestors and keep them posted on their daily life. If the person had a rough life, the afterlife would be the time to make it up.(nobles were burried in tombs) Underworld The mayans had an "underworld" wich was the level below earth. the underworld was also known as the "Other world" or "The Place of Awe." The underworld had all the demons monsters and gods. The mayans would conduct ceremonies to keep the creatures and gods in the underworld, where they belong. Masks During religous ceremonies, some priests would dress like jaguars and some would dress up in scary masks while fighting the under world Mirrors The priests didn't have a long story but the y decided alot of things in the mayan world. They decided when the plant, when to marry and who to sacrifice In the ancient mayan world looking into a mirror was alot of courage. The mayns beleived that a monster from the underworld could come out of the mirror and take you Priests Government One family ruled each city. The family ruling was always a noble family. when the main person ruling past away, the job woud be past on to his son. the job wouldn't go to anyone but the son.The ruling noble did not have to do the job alone the rest of the family helped too. Part of his job would be to pick a group of elders and warriors to help him rule. Other citizens were chosen to help control the city.

mayas.mr.donn.org/government.html Other Fun Facts • the mayans created the science of astronomy calender
•recently the mayan calender told us that the world would and on the 23 of december in 2012, last year
• the mayans had or maybe even still have a pyramid that has about 100 steps on all for sides (great workout)

and the video we watched on ancient mayans Ü thanks for watching Ü mayas.mr.donn.org/religion.html Ü
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