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science homework _light bulb

all about surfing

nathan bates

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of science homework _light bulb

science project The light bulb the light bulb was invented by .... ...Thomas Edison he was born on febuary 11th 1847 and died on 18th october
1931 aged 84 here is a picture of him ...
Thamas Edison was an american
inventor and a businessman. On December 25, 1871
, Edison married 16-year-old
Mary Stilwell they had 3 children In 1878 to 1880 Tommy and his mates had worked on at least 3000 different theories about lamps and stuff !!! this is a picture of one of his first working light bulbs he had his own glass blowing sheds
where he spent hours trying to prefect
the shape of the bulb
tis is a picture of the shed thanks 4 watching :)
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